Pakistani Golf and the Global Golf Tournaments

Like polo matches and grand horse races, golf tournaments have become a very classy event too.

All around the globe, golf is now taken to be the world’s classiest sports. Attending golf tournaments is a big thing for many people today and many families do actually plan special golf holidays in order to attend various golf tournaments.

Tiger Woods is by far amongst the most renowned and greatest golf players of all time. He has won 14 major golf championships and golf tournaments and holds pride in being the PGA golf player of the year ten times. He is one great man who took the new generation towards a very unique sport of golf. It is a dream of many to be like Tiger Woods and stand out amongst the biggest athletes of the world.

Like many other countries, golf has emerged as a very popular game in Pakistani elite class. Pakistani golf and golf players have made their mark globally in a very short time. Currently, in Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan has got some of the best and oldest golf courses. These mainly include; the Gymkhana golf course in Lahore, The Pakistan Railway golf course (now called the Royal Palm) and the DHA golf course in Karachi. Earlier, golf was thought to be the gentleman’s game but today, ladies golf and junior golf tournaments are also gaining momentum in Pakistan.

Many young players and ladies from Pakistan have played internationally and have won golf tournaments too. Pakistan Golf Federation is working a lot to promote the golfers of Pakistan on the international platform.

Moreover, many new and state of the art golf courses have been established in Pakistan in different cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

No doubt, golf is an expensive sport. It needs a lot of spending for playing it and buying golf accessories. But as it is said that “where there is a will, there is a way”, the good news for all the golf lovers and players is that there are many discount shops of golf accessories too. They are now very popular in many parts of the world and in Pakistan too. The golfers who cannot afford to buy expensive accessories and designer golf stuff, they can surely visit these shops at get discounted golf accessories.

For beginners and all those who want to learn golf there are a variety of options available. Firstly, anyone who needs to start golf must take a membership of some good golf club. This helps in getting a lot of good offers for learning and getting trained for golf. Moreover, it allows the golfers to let their families enjoy sometime at the golf courses too as there are many activities like dining at the golf clubs, holding get togethers at the golf courses etc.

Therefore, golf lets the people enjoy some leisure time with their friends and family. Secondly, never refrain from anything that you want to do by thinking that it is expensive. As stated earlier, golf is now quite affordable due to the good discount shops available and the free golf training available at different golf courses. Just show a will and get to the golf course, the rest will be history and a future of ultimate leisure hours!

Like polo matches and grand horse races, golf tournaments have become a very classy event too.

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