Obesity Leads To Heart Rhythm Disorder

Man is the bread winner of a family and in some cases he is the sole provider who has the responsibility to keep the harmony of a family intact. Obesity is the excess fat that effects healthy and obesity in men creates a lot of health issues, the worst of which is heart disease.

You have one life, try to live it in the best way you can. If you have a fit body only then you can enjoy healthy living. Most of our male youth is suffering from inherited obesity because of lack of participation in sports and because of being couch potatoes and spending most of their times on the internet or video games. They are unaware of the fact that inherited obesity can lead to many major and fatal problems to a man’s health, one of which is heart rhythm disorder. Heart rhythm disorder can be very fatal if it increases.

We are well aware of the fact that obesity is the major cause of increase in blood pressure and putting strain on the heart. It also causes electrical abnormality in the chamber of the heart. Men of all ages should try to participate in sports regularly.

Men of our region eat excessively without considering the calories that each bite contains. Food that is fried in animal fat or eating like they will never see the food again in their life time makes the situation really worse. The obesity starts from childhood and the kids of this age eat nothing but fast food that is full of fat and too much calories.

Medical science has proved that obesity directly affects the shape and structure of heart and the way it works. Over weight men seem to have more health and heart issues than anybody else. People who are said to be obese are suffering from coronary heart disease that leads to heart failure.

There is so much anxiety and tension prevailing in the society these days due to political unrest and increased number of inflation which is badly affecting the business. This puts a lot of pressure on the men and this frustration leads to falling health.

The best men’s fitness tip is to stay healthy by doing yoga and exercise daily. Meditation keeps your body oxygenated and drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day will not let your blood get thicken. Healthy exercise makes you active and the body doesn’t get obese. Opt for walking down the road if your destiny is nearby rather than using your vehicle car or motorbike etc as it will not just cut down on your fuel and depreciate your automobile but will keep you active as well.

Don’t feed yourself like it’s your last meal. Avoid too much fried and high calorie food. Fitness tip for Pakistani men is to eat healthy and stay healthy because there is no substitute to health.

Man is the bread winner of a family and in some cases he is the sole provider who has the responsibility to keep the harmony of a family intact.

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