New Moga Controllers Power Up Your Android and Windows 8 Phones

Majority of the people are addicted to games. Mobile gaming has become almost pervasive. Well, good news for them – MOGA brings a good gadget for mobile game lovers. These new controllers will be based upon the same design. MOGA introduces innovative gadgets with every passing day by keeping in mind the increasing curiosity in people for mobile games. When it comes to the real needs of the mobile gamers, nothing else comes close to MOGA. This new innovative device by MOGA is the best option for mobile games lovers.

The advantage of this new MOGA controller is that it will not only keep your Android secure but also protect your windows 8 smart phones. Additionally it will also charge up your phone while you play game. It also contains dual analogue sticks and full range of buttons. This innovative gadget gives you a more natural and immersive way of playing games on mobiles. PowerA has been making strides in bridging gap between phones and consoles with the smartly designed MOGA controllers.

The gaming accessory MOGA is exceptionally convenient to handle. The MOGA mobile gaming system equips you with a state of art technology. With the growing list of latest MOGA enhanced games, you will have a large variety of games to select from.

Get the best gaming experience anywhere with the new MOGA controllers. It is the perfect gadget to power up your android and windows 8 phones. This device not only powers up your windows 8 phones and android but also keeps them secure. This MOGA controller also comprises of clickable thumb sticks, directional pad and shoulder buttons. These features make MOGA totally portable game controller.

You don’t have to worry about phone battery life. This a great deal to get rid of the battery worry associated with high end mobile gaming. MOGA brings a never-before-seen gadget. This new innovative device utilizes the MOGA boosts technology. The MOGA boosts charges your phone while you enjoy games on your mobile phone.

Isn’t it amazing that your phone is being charged while you are playing games on the mobile? Enjoy up to 18 hours of non-stop gaming because MOGA controller offers you enough battery life for long and continuous gaming session.

MOGA controller will give you comfort no matter how much time you spend on game. The MOGA controllers are coated in tactile rubber grip which will help you in reducing wrist fatigue even after hours of gaming sessions. It is completely portable with a compact frame and it is small enough that can be kept in pocket. It pairs with your smart phone without any wires via Bluetooth.

The controller’s Bluetooth will instantly transmit commands to smart phones and you can enjoy games without any obstruction. You can also connect directly your smart phone with MOGA controller by using MOGA arm. The MOGA arm will keep your smart phone at an angle besides transforming your mobile device into a handheld game console.

MOGA controller is a new and unique gadget that will help you in enjoying games on your smart phones without any obstructions of wires. This MOGA controller has many features which are specially designed for mobile game lovers. If you are a mobile game lo

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