New Ideas for Men Fashion Gadgets

We all have a great impact of technology on our life styles, the way we live. The way we dress up. It’s not too surprising to realize that technology has also invaded our fashion industry and is very deep rooted. Our clothes, our foot wear, our accessories and even our toiletry have technology’s impact.

Clothes are designed to electronically regulate the wearer’s body temperature. They also have the ‘glow in the dark’ function. The same goes for our footwear which also comes with built-in speaker for the funk loving consumers.

Watches have become smart. They come with built-in temperature and pressure sensors. The traditional analog watches with arms have been replaced by digital and LED watches.

Fashion and technology have been amalgamated and this is only the beginning. Think of an innovative idea and give it a physical form it’s bound to gain popularity and that’s how it becomes fashion.

Here are some of the Men Fashion Gadgets

1. Watches


They say: “time flies”. The recent decades have proved it to a lot of us. To keep track of it people keep watches. They have been amongst us ever since they were invented. The type of watches however, has changed from pocket watches to the ones you see people wearing nowadays.

They come in all shapes and sizes, starting from digital, analog, LED, sports, leather strap, rubber strap, and many more. You name it and its there. They come in various vivid colors. You can either buy a single watch to go with all your outfits or various different ones to go with different ones.

They also come in the shape of bracelets with built-in LEDs. These are for you if you want to seem different yet trendy.

2. Trimmers


Men have always taken pride in having and grooming facial hair. Some keep moustaches while others go for beards. But this also requires time, effort and investment to keep facial hair well trimmed and properly groomed.

Trimmers help you save your time and repetitive visits to the barber shop. Many come with a variety of heads for different purposes. Close trim heads, nose trimmers, combs for shades and what not. Buying a reliable brand and proper care guarantees a one time and long time investment.

3. Shavers


We all have our own style and everybody has a different way of carrying and presenting themselves. Men for example, are divided into clean shaven and bearded or those with moustache.

A tip for the ones who are clean shaved. Get yourself a good quality shaver. It not only reduces cost which disposable razors and razor blades incur recurrently. The chances of cutting yourself are reduced to a minimum and you can still have that close shave that makes you the man you are!

4. Head Phones

Head Phones

Music and technology knows no bounds. Anybody with a bit of interest can enjoy these. Headphones have recently gained much ground and pretty much everybody can be seen using a pair. They are a style as well as a utility.

The hands-free that comes with your phone or any other media device is an easy to store and handle gadget. People also used those which the rest of us have connected to our computers.

There is a vast assortment of these gizmos available in the markets. Some are simple. Others have built-in microphones and volume controllers for easy volume control and call receiving.

5. Lighters


Lighters were thought to be more of a utility than a fashion gadget. But that has long since changed. Lighters now come with built-in laser pointers, flashlights and also as lockets to be worn around the neck.

You do not need to look for matches to light up candles, stoves. You do not need to stumble around in the dark if and when the power goes out. A lighter that you can carry in your pocket or wear as an ornament will do it all for you.

The fashion gadgets are a major part of our lives these days and we cannot deny that, hopefully this was a source of great information for all the men out there. Stay tuned for more.

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