Modern Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Menswear Service

Many of us don’t even know what is made to measure and what modern bespoke means. These terms are new but made to measure those suits which are made from one pattern, different pieces are made and brought together.

Other than that the bespoke is you order clothes according to your own style and taste. Mostly in spoke garments hand work is a must; the style is different from another piece. Nowadays, everyone in Pakistan is going for designer wear so why not men go and get their suits according to their taste and style?

Everyone’s first preference is custom-made suits as it is easy to grab but some people have adjustment problem so they go for bespoke. Especially elite class and designers prefer to wear bespoke, which means speaking for themselves.

Made-to-measure is such clothing that is accessible to everyone, it was designed a decade ago, and men go and get what they want. On the other hand, men go and wear a sample of jackets and trousers and get them stitched according to their own body type. You have a wide range of variety when it comes to being bespoke.

An actual bespoke suit is made up with a lot of effort, it starts from the client’s measurement, the tailor goes and sees the client personally, and it gets ready almost in 6 months. In the 6 month time period, clients try the suit several times and the suit is not handed over to you unless the tailor and client are not satisfied.

When we talk about the made-to-measure, the clients go to the store and chose the best for him and he tries to fit in the suit. The suit is made in the factory with hundreds of other suits, after that it is designed by a panel of designers, and everything is been noticed such as the pockets, the buttons, and the collar. The suit is been sent to the store in 8 to 9 weeks and small fitting issues are done by the store tailor.

In made-to-measure suits, the machines are all operated by a system and sometimes they are computerized so the stitches are very neat but when it comes to speaking or custom-made suits it all depends on how good the tailor is and how neatly he is doing the work. Always remember that custom-made suits are more comfortable.

The price of both matters a lot when you are going to choose the custom-made and made-to-measure. Usually, gentleman prefers wearing custom wear suit rather than other because there is less chance of some mistake and the price of made-to-measure is more reasonable.

In the bespoke or custom-made suits, the fabric and the style option is not much rather than made to measure you have all the options open. In made-to-measure clothing, you can get your own choice of styles such as lining and buttons.

Custom-made suits and made-to-measure suits are expensive because of the fact that labor is expensive and the cost also depends on the fabric. The bespoke suits are your lifetime investment and on the other hand, the made-to-measure suits are not long-lasting.

Custom-made suits become very common after some time, and everyone is wearing the same design but the quality of the bespoke suits is that only you are wearing them, it is exclusive in their own way.

The very valid point in bespoke suit is that the cost depends on the quality and quality always shows your taste and reflects your personality. Bespoke suits are usually thrice more than custom-made suits. Made to measure is mass produced so hence, at some level they neglect some things such as design and cuts as everyone has different tastes.

After all these differences made to measure and bespoke suits, both now cater to a different class of society.

Bespoke and made to measure suit both are for different segments of society. It all depend what you like for yourself and what your preference is.

Made to measure are easy to get and affordable as compare to bespoke which is not in every range.

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