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You know how often you have wanted that beautiful new lipstick shade from your favorite brand but couldn’t grab the courage to spend such a lot of money on just a lipstick. We know that feeling too. Sometimes the makeup products are too expensive to purchase and yet too tempting to resist. Well the future might be able to solve this problem for many women out there who wish they had every shade of makeup with them.

Grace choi, a Harvard University graduate, came up with the idea of a 3D make up printer that can copy and develop makeup shades and products right from off the internet. Grace Choi has developed a small prototype called “Mink” that can easily replicate any color into an instantly wearable makeup product. The inventor herself showcased her idea to the NY tech conference and exclaimed that the makeup industry has been making money off a whole lot of rubbish!

She said they charge their audience on the one thing that is free, color. On the other hand, Choi’s product might actually put an end to the makeup industry. She claims that her target audience will be 13 to 21 year old girls who are usually experimenting with new stuff and can utilize her product for new shades of color. Choi said at the conference that she plans to sell the product at $300 and will ensure that the ink/colors which are required to print the makeup are competitively priced.

mink makeup printer

If you like a particular color from somewhere, say from a picture on a Smartphone, a tablet or even a video on a computer, then all you need to do is get your hands on the hex code of that particular color. You can do this by using freely available software such as Colorzilla, which is a Chrome extension. Mink doesn’t require any particular software.

The hex code is the code according to which colors are recognized by computer software. Then just paste the code in a program like Photoshop or Paint and cover the work page with that color. Then hit ‘Print,’ and no kidding it will print the make up in a 3D dimension. In the video, the eye-shadow comes out in a nice-little compact square which she then coolly adds to her makeup case.

mink printer

For this product to be manufactured, Choi’s is trying to negotiate with major printer companies of the world and hopes that she gets enough funds to generate the brilliant idea into reality. While Choi’s idea is great, a lot of the success for a product like this will depend on the cost as well given that most of her target audience won’t be able to afford $300.

In addition a lot will depend on the long-lasting ability of these products, the color replication and ofcourse how safe they are. The product has a long way to go but an idea such as this is brilliant if put to use properly by the concerned stakeholders.

Good makeup products call for good money. But with MINK 3D printer, you can afford all sorts of makeup with all sorts of colors.

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