Men’s Style For 14th August- The Patriotic Way

In order to do something special this independence day, you can start off by wearing something that is really patriotic and hot. Add that x-factor to your attire in the most patriotic way.
If you are thinking of going all patriotic this Independence Day, then its time you plan out your attire in the most special way. 14th August is just around the corner and we definitely need to plan out stuff either with friends or family. If you are going out  and want to have some fun in the most patriotic way then dress up according to the occasion. This is undoubtedly a very special day for us, Pakistanis and we definitely need to do something extra in order to differentiate the day from the rest of the year.
Men’s style for 14th August has not changed a lot since the day we achieved Pakistan but we can add the extra spice to our look in order to look patriotic yet really nice. The emphasis is usually on Kurta Shalwars and sherwanis on Independence Day. They look extremely patriotic and guys carry both these clothes really well. If you have a really nice built, go for black kurta shalwars in order to look really hot. The patriotic look can also be carried off in a contemporary way if you think you are not so comfortable in Kurta shalwars or a sherwani.
To look patriotic yet contemporary, you can wear really cool t-shirts that are available online as well as in stores to dress trendy this 14th August. The t-shirts that are available are colorful and have really cool animations and logos promoting the Independence Day. T-shirts with the pictures of Quaid-e-Azam are also available that look really smart and contemporary. Guys can also wear kurtas with jeans and pin up the Pakistani flag on their chest as a chest badge. This is also extremely patriotic when it comes to getting dressed up for the Independence Day.
The patriotism and the patriotic look do not end here as you can experiment with a lot of green and white in your clothes. Wear khussas and local chappals with your clothes on this 14th as that looks really trendy and patriotic. Add more and more patriotic spirit to your attire this time as the more you show it, the better it is. Be a part of the Independence Day celebrations by carrying yourself in the trendiest possible way and feel amazing.

The independence day of our beloved country Pakistan is around the corner and if all you men out there want to look really hot yet patriotic on this very special day, then you need to keep some key points in your mind before the fourteenth of this August.

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