Men’s Shoe Style: Beat The Heat In Style!

Summer is here, along with the scorching heat that just calls new summer shoe trends this year. In this scorching heat, one needs shoes that are flexible and heat proof at the same time. Different style of shoes is for different occasions. Formal affairs demand dress shoes, casual shoes, flip flops and sandals are for everyday occasion and athletic footwear are for sports. Following are the men’s summer shoe style for this year:

Beach Sandals/Flip Flops

If you are going somewhere remotely sunny or to a beach, then flip flops are perfect guides for men’s summer shoe style. Flip flops prevents the feet from toasting from hot sand if visiting a beach. Flip flop looks very trendy if worn with a pair of jeans and a casual shirt. Flips flops are available in an extensive range like bottle opening men’s flip flops and leather flip flops. Flips flops in colors like electric blue, black, red and yellow are very in. Flip flops are a must have men’s shoe style for casual wear.

Dress Sandals

If you want to look dashing for a beach cocktail party, then prefer wearing dress sandals with jeans or cargo trousers and a trendy shirt. Dress sandals give a semi-formal look and also enhance one’s personality. Dress sandals in black color look very decent if worn with the bright colored kurta and white shalwar. Dress sandals come in a wide variety of styles in summer, they range in the level of casualness based on the extent they show the feet.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are an essential piece of men’s summer shoeguidebut this season they are very in amongst the younger generation because of their wide range of colors. Boat shoes are available in neon colors, bright yellow, electric blue and mint green. Boat shoes can also be worn without socks because of their wide range of colors. The soles of boat shoes are cut which helps to avoid slipping on.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are also a must have summer shoe because they are made from natural fibers and that is why they prevent the feet from suffocating and allow them to breathe. As the weather warms up, the feet suffer more when they become air tight. Canvas sneakers go great with shorts. If worn with cut short socks, jeans and dress shirt, they look a stunning look.


Whatever your style and whatever the occasion is, converse give a trendy look in summers. To cater to all your summer shoe style needs, converse is available in all sizes, colors and styles. From black to neon colors like orange, converse are a must have. Ankle length converse if worn with shorts and t-shirts give a casual look. Converse are light weighted and delicate and are a must have to complete your summer shoe wardrobe.

In the scorching heat of summers, men can beat the heat in style with trendy shoes. So get a chic pair of shoe in summer and rock with style.

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