Men’s Over-Sized Clothing Trend


Guy’s take advantage of the ease of not getting into the hassle of being impeccable and yet so perfect. The perfect fashion sense will be that you are comfortable in your clothes and you carry them well.

Everyone should have an individual touch to the trend that they are following. If you can pull off anything you can simply be the trend setter. The perfectly tailored suit, slim and smart men’s wear is now no more the part of the default trend. Recently the baggy and slightly fuller cut has been reintroduced and re-established in the trends.

Men need to understand that now they can get rid of the sophisticated look and go for a rather rough and tough look. The harsh routine of a tough man demands clothing to meet the need. The elegant approach might not be the new runway style for men. Now let’s see what has taken over the fitted clean look.

Long Tees


We all know the summers are over but the winter blues and greys demand some excitement at least in the selection of clothes. Adding the extra length to the t-shirts and shirts is the new trend. Long tops for guys, must have got you thinking that how can a guy pull that off. The long length is strictly for the casual look.

Try to incorporate the length in the formal t-shirts and shirts only. If you incorporate the length into formal outfits, it might be a fashion disaster. Formal outfits demand for sticking to the classics whereas with casual you can definitely experiment.

Not Everything Should Be Oversized

Oversized Clothing

Long length and oversized tops for guys should be worn wisely. Make sure you pair up a long shirt with a slim or skinny jeans or trousers. The outfit should be complete. Plus the key to brilliant fashion is simplicity when it comes to the long t-shirts for men. If they are not simple they might end up looking girly and that is the last thing that the guys would want to wear.

Besides all this, the key to amazing fashion sense is having crucial confidence. The long length clothing is statement that should be worn with utter confidence.

Rough Look

Rough Look

Make sure you wear the length and oversized clothing like a man by giving it the rugged manly look. The long sleeves sweat shirt, baseball collar shirt and the vintage long length shirts should be worn with confidence for it to look manly. Asian men would have already pulled off this vintage trend by coupling a traditional shirt (kurta) with a pair of jeans.

Is It Your Inspiration


In winter 2014-15 ensure that the long loose and baggy shirts and coats are your taste or style. Not everyone experiments with the looks and trends being followed in the streets. The tall t-shirts should not be tucked with their hem pecking hanging casually. The classic bomber jackets complement the tall t-shirts really well.

Get your inspiration and find the oversized knitwear for the winters. The oversized knitwear will keep you warm and will look chunky and manly for sure. Cardigans roll necks and cable knit are the styles you opt for this winter. Oversized coats are also the new hit for the winters but know what inspires you and if you can carry that well. You just don’t want a fashion disaster for the sake of following the trend.

It is always good to customise the look, that will make you look good and will be perfect for you. The idea is to know the dos and don’ts of the oversized and anti-fit trend. Men need to start experimenting with their looks as well. Anti-fit is the new fit for men to carry casually.

Men need to know the dos and don's of the over-sized clothing trend because it's time for men to experiment with their look. Follow the trends wisely and see if it suits you.

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