Men’s Fashion Debate: Tattoos

A tattoo is the form of body modification, made by inserting ink onto the outer layer of skin (epidermis layer) or by injecting ink into the second deeper layer of skin (dremis). Tattoos can be words, pictures, shape, design etc. Tattooing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures, particularly in Asia. Initially it was associated with rock stars and fashion models.

Besides gaining fame among fashion models and rock stars, it is being adopted by people from all walks of all life especially youngsters. Many youngsters have aspiration to have tattoo somewhere on their body. Following this desire, they practice different tattoo designs on their face and back. Some men want to have tattoo designs that lasts for a long time. While some like variabilities that reflects changes in their mood so they prefer temporary tattoos.

Different innovative designs of tattoos are being adopted by the boys. They are available in an array of texture and designs. Some great designs include skull tattoos, butterfly tattoos, dragon, football, zodiac and star tattoos etc. Tattooing is done for expressing one’s individuality and sometimes used for cultural purposes. The fashion for having temporary tattoos appears to have really increased this year.

It has become popular social practice worldwide. Tattoos are much popular in the west but now this trend has been imparted in Pakistan. Our youth is fond of having tattoos on different body parts. The reason of tattoos’ popularity in Pakistan; in my point of view, is the influence of globalization and the impact of western culture through media.

Our youth is desperately getting influenced by modernization. They are blindly adopting western culture. In Pakistan boys mostly prefer temporary tattoo designs that look just like real tattoos. They are easily removable and can be applied without any hassle too. Temporary tattoos show flexibility in trend and their mood as well. Pakistani boys mostly prefer wrist tattoos so they can hide them with full sleeve shirts anytime, as some places do not allow body tattoos. Some boys use tattoos as a sign of affiliation to certain street gangs. Getting sketched with tattoo is very much in trend. Tattoos are quite mainstream.

Fashion industry in Pakistan has increasingly been persuaded by western norms. Tattooing has become a well earned profession in Pakistan. Most of tattoo recipients patronize tattoo parlors. However some individuals use home tattoo equipments. Even though tattoos designs keep on changing with time, there are still some designs that always remain at the top of the fashion. If you want to sketch a tattoo on your body, it is vital that you choose latest tattoo designs that must be according to your current trend.

Some Pakistanis have obstacles in this trend because of some religious implications. Being a Muslim country, tattoos are considered forbidden in Pakistan. Some religious scholars believe that tattooing is a sin because it involves changing in the creation of God. But with the passage of time people have recovered from this dogma and are rapidly adopting tattoo trend in Pakistan. Trends of tattoos is being more and more accepted by our society and has become a part of fashion.

Tattooing is a creative form of art. Tattoo designs have become a social practice worldwide. Now it is rapidly creating stirs among people of Pakistan. Getting sketched or etched with tattoo is very much in trend in Pakistan. Tattoo trend is the new rage

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