Mens Style-Lawn shirts for Men!

In Pakistan lawn is now not limited to women only. Lawn shirts for men are also becoming popular in Pakistan.

Many designers like HSY and Pareesa lawn has auctioned lawn shirts for men. However many people did not like this style.

The blazing sun on our heads has convinced us to take everything but Lawn out of our wardrobes. We see so many designers coming up with lawn designs that the competition has become slightly ridiculous. And it seems that something new is getting introduced for men’s style this summer too. Ever heard of lawn shirts for men?

Light cotton shirts were what men have always preferred in summers. But this summer, we have lawn shirts for men as well. But it seems that men are a little hesitant to switch to lawn shirts right now because it doesn’t go well with their image! But there are a few who have accepted the emerging trend of lawn shirtswith open arms because of the heat.

HSY entered in the Lawn Market this summer and introduced brilliant designs both for women and men. His fabric gained popularity in no time and his lawn shirts for men have been appreciated by most. Only a few people like the famous TV actor, Adnan Siddique, weren’t so happy to see his collection.

HSY introduced lawn shirts with vibrant summer designs, which mostly focused on tropical appeals. Designers are trying to bring back the 60’s trend by bringinglawn shirts back. Only two years ago, there was no such concept as lawn shirts for men, but the designers are working hard to change the trend and bring in a more comfortable fabric for men.

Chen One’s pareesa lawn has also followed HSY’s footsteps and launched lawn shirts for men. They have floral aswell has tropical designs like HSY, but it seems that people aren’t so keen on trying out Pareesa lawn shirts for men. HSY’s exhibition of lawn shirt for men on the other hand was a success and it proved that Pakistan has the purchasing power and the willingness.

But we do have some pessimists. Adnan Siddique was found commenting on Pareesa’s lawn exhibition that tropical designs for lawn shirts for men makes no sense because we don’t have any beaches here in Pakistan and so it doesn’t go well with our country’s image. And he also thought that a lot of men wouldn’t prefer lawn shirts and he himself didn’t want to buy it.

Gul Ahmed’s Zaid bashir also commented that these companies should stay focused at women’s lawn collection and that lawn shirts for men with floral prints made no sense at all. He expressed his view that Gul Ahmed has no intention whatsoever of getting into this line and that he isn’t so optimistic about the popularity of this new trend of lawn shirts for men.

Nonetheless, lawn shirts for men have managed to create a stir among designers and consumer alike. People are waiting for other famous designers like Deepak Parwani to come up with more designs for lawn shirts for men.

There has been a lot of Lawn craziness this summer and lawn shirts for men are a new innovation of this season. Designers are trying to gain everybody’s attention and get their designs sold out. But we still have to see how much of a success lawn shirts for men will prove to be.

In Pakistan lawn is now not limited to women only. Lawn shirts for men are also becoming popular in Pakistan.

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