Men’s Style guide for this Eid ul Adha

When talking about the fashion trends nowadays, both men and women go hand in hand, trying their best to formulate a look that will be unique as well as exclusive, and thus, fashion requirements are as important in the society for both.  Moreover, there are always enough means of celebrations for which both the genders compete at equal levels.

Keeping in mind, the nobility of the occasion as well as the weather conditions in Pakistan this October, a guide in men’s styling can be taken into account in order to attain the most of both, comfort along with style. Men, who go for lightly dyed shalwar kameez, typically involving thin embroideries, aim to depict the state of purification.  As compared to the usual flashy colours of kurtas for weddings, Iftar parties as well as for Eid ul Fitr, this October, on the other hand, Eid ul Adha and its fashion trends will be holding more of dull, dark and rich-coloured shalwar kameez for all the elegant men, along with the traditional Peshawari shoes, which since the beginning of time, have given all those men their classy look. Alternatively, a lot of men would also go for comfortable sandals that bring out a very graceful aspect in them.

Furthermore, the material most preferred for this year’s Eid will almost certainly be pro-summers, thanks to Global warming. Of course, the traditional shalwar kameez for men has no other alternative and therefore, a lot of people prefer cotton instead of any other fabric for such climatic circumstances.

Another, quite major part of a man’s look is his hair. How he settles that whole patch of hair on his head demonstrates a lot about him and contributes to his personality to a great extent. All those busy men out there are most likely to have a very messy, yet well-settled kind of a hairdo with the least amount of wet, gelled hair and a clean shaved face, expressing their pureness as well as the tremendous amount of responsibilities that they’re taking care of on this day.

Age, in addition, doesn’t have a very huge effect with respect to what they should or should not wear. After all, boys will be boys. Starting from the age they can carry themselves, till again, the time they can manage walking around on their own, they’ve got to follow the progressing fashion trends. 

Moreover, accessorizing themselves is a factor that also holds an outstanding importance for men. A big chunky watch being the most necessary piece of accessory that a man can wear complements his get-up as well as the way he is perceived in the overall environment. Likewise, a man can do wonders with the way he smells. Eid being a formal event filled with graciousness requires every individual to represent himself well and in case of men, an extraordinary fragrance just elevates the charm tenfold.

Eid ul Adha is after all, very much about our fashionable men, who after sacrificing their animals, tend to distribute the meat amongst their households, relatives, neighbors as well as the deprived folks. They are often supposed to be visiting a large number of places, meeting a batch of people in the process for which they have got to be entirely presentable.  Then again, wearing the best set of clothes isn’t the only feature that influences the way they look, but also, the way they carry themselves as well as the confidence that they glow out, has a huge impact in effectively formulating that appeal.

The blissful festival of Eid, having its own importance in the Muslim community, with respect to the sacrifices made all over the world, also brings with itself, all the desires of men and women to portray themselves as the most ravishing individuals arou

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