Men’s Solution to their “Shoedrobe”

Ask a man about his shoes and he will tell you his sentiments on it. Shoes are the center of fashion for men if you ask them. The first noticeable element of a man’s personality and a window to his fashion sense are ‘shoes’.

So, yes folks today’s agenda is men’s shoes. Yes, we are going to ponder on the most important investment in a man’s life. A man when being judged has three consideration factors, hair, and a firm handshake and yes SHOES!

No matter what event it is, men are concerned about their shoes is it an interview, a date, a formal event or the regular casual day-to-day activities. Today we will hit on the essentials every man should carry. 5 of the very main men’s shoes are discussed below. This is what it is here we begin:

1. The Brown Leather Brogue

Yes, the brown leather brogue has its traces of origin from Ireland and Scotland. And since then it has become spine for contemporary gentleman.

The name of the shoe has developed from its design element of a traditional punch hole on the upper silhouette of the shoe. This is called brogueing. No matter what shade of brown, a ‘Brogue’ it teams well with each outfit in your.

leather brogue shoes

2. The Black Leather Oxford

The next in recommendation lays the black oxford shoes which are regarded as a perfect occasion shoe. An oxford shoe might look like a “Derby” but it’s not due to its closely sewn lacing system.


oxford shoes

The black leather cap toe oxford should be in a man’s collection as must have. This shoe is the perfect complement to the men’s formal wear.

3. The Suede Loafer

The third in line as a recommendation to men’s shoes runs the Suede Loafer for men’s shoes. This shoe was designed for King George VI; it has also been a choice for silhouette during the mod movement in 1960’s.

suede loafer shoes

This shoe is lace less and carries a pared-down design. This men’s shoes best matches the smart and smart-casual attire. The recommended colors for this are mostly tans, browns and beiges in shades.

4. The White Leather Low Top Trainer

With the return of the sport hype trend, past a couple of seasons/years, sneakers from the back of the men’s wardrobe have gained popularity again. These trainers had been quite famous during the vintage.

white shoes for men

They are crafted with first-rate materials. And now with the immense availability in the market there are great brands with great designs for these shoes. It is only a matter of exploration that puts the man in his state of shoe decisiveness.

5. The Leather Lace-Up Boot

The last recommendation to the men’s shoes as must haves are the leather lace-up boots. This is a style out there, never to die. Concerning this piece, the best effort maintained could be selecting the right silhouette. The lace up to the ankle boots, the choice is subjective. Leather brogue boots, Suede dessert boots and Hiking boots could be another option in filling up your wardrobe with the best of the similar category.

lace up boots

So, we hope here that you have got a hint of 5 essentials in your wardrobe. This guide has been your way through types of men’s fashion / attire in correspondence to the men’s shoes. Hope you play well with the proposed shoes. Happy Wearing!

Here is a guide to the 5 must haves of men’s shoes that every man should have in their shoe-wardrobe.

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