Men’s Health – Understanding What Negligence Can Do

Men’s health issues and medicines receive half the attention that women’s health issues do. This is an unfortunate truth especially when men face their own unique health issues which are very imperative to be addressed in time. The paucity of men medicines and health services puts men at increased risk of various illnesses that can otherwise be easily tracked and nipped right in the beginning.

Given this whole scenario, men need to be their own best health guide and read the signs of their body. It is vital that you eat healthy, exercise and get instant medical help whenever the need arises before you succumb to life-threatening conditions such as heart failure, stroke, prostate cancer etc.

Let us see how health negligence can affect you:

Not Recognizing a Disease:

You feel that your heart beats slower than how it used to a few days and this routine continues for several weeks but you choose to ignore it thinking it is the weather etc. This is your heart showing the signs of over-burden. And more importantly this is you not recognizing the signs of your body. If a condition or an abnormal state lasts for more than a week or a few weeks, you need not ignore it. Read the signs of your body and respond quickly.

  • Similarly, if your heart beats faster than usual and there is pain in the left arm, this may be a sign of angina.

  • Difficulty in breathing as you lie down or go for brisk-walk can be the sign of allergy, asthma or heart disease.

  • Painful urination, painful  warts and spots are a clear sign of urinary tract infection and sexually transmitted disease. You need to recognize these signs and approach a medical specialist immediately.

Lack of Laboratory Tests and Diagnosis:

Laboratory tests such as blood and urine test, X-rays & body scans and biopsies are best tools for doctors to diagnose your underlying illness. Not recognizing the seriousness of your symptoms and not ordering these tests is a sign of negligence. If the doctor ignores or underestimates your symptoms, discuss the possibility of these tests and further investigation.

Lack of Follow-up Treatment:

Your doctor orders an investigation test and your disease has been diagnosed but your doctor does not order according treatment or you choose to follow home remedies instead of the medicine and medical intervention that you really need – another major negligence on your part. This is how prostate cancer and other cancers and diseases such as lung cancer and diabetes etc. expand and go out of control. Always consult a specialist and follow up the proper treatment for as long as you need or the doctor recommends.

Be very conscious of your health, give your body the healthy diet and lifestyle and do intervention whenever and wherever necessary.

A list of repercussions of what health negligence can bring onto you.

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