Men’s Hairstyles and Styling Products

Hair styling is just not for women but there are a lot of different men’s hairstyles that make them look good. Not just to attract the opposite gender but for their own self satisfaction men should groom their self to enhance their beauty in hairstyling. Women groom their selves but men are not lag behind.

Men are so possessive for their cloths and shoes, an addition of a good men’s hairstyle will make them look like a gentlemen. But because of the lack of awareness men just copy the celebrities but don’t see which men’s hairstyle suits them and which not. In Pakistan there are many men’s hairstyling products available but first let’s have a look at some of the men’s hairstyles.

The Casual Hairstyle

Men’s hairstyles should be chosen according to his face shape, which suits his face. A casual short straight hairstyle is free-flowing, easy-going, and can be made without using any hair styling product. Such men’s hairstyles are easy and relaxing because that falls into place of its own. It’s the kind of hairstyle you can wear to almost any occasion or outing.

The Spikes Hairstyle

Men’s hairstyles with the long hair cannot make this spikes hairstyle. This can only be made with small hair from front. The back and sides of this style is cropped short and close to the head blending into the top layers that are jagged cut for height and texture.

The Indie Hairstyle

This indie hairstyle was very common in the past 19’s and has came into fashion again. This indie cut is styled like a forehead hugging fringe, short sides and tapering length through the back. This Men’s hairstyle gives you a very rough and tough look.

Men’s hairstyles are only possible if you are using good quality men’s hair styling products, some of them are mentioned below.

Men’s Hair Styling Product- Gel

Gel men’s hair styling product is a very common and very important men’s hair styling product almost present in all men’s wardrobe. Gel keeps your hair steady and hard in their place, even in heavy winds. Gel is available in every super store in Pakistan.

Mousse-Men’s Hair Styling Product

Mousse men’s hair styling product can create your desired look. When mousse applied on wet hair, it will give you wet look, with shine. When used on dry hair, it will help shape, mold and hold your hair in place. Mousse is available in Pace and HKB in Pakistan.

Hair Spray-Men’s Hair Styling Product

Hair spray men’s hair styling product is also a common men’s hairstyling product available in mini stores as well. This men’s hairstyling product has been used by both men and women for many years to create a natural looking hold.

Pomade Men’s Hairstyling Product

Pomade men’s hairstyling product is widely used these days, but not in the past. This men’s hairstyling product is actually used for those styles that involves a rough, messy look like spikes, or random styles. Pomade contains mixture of oil and wax which makes hair stiff and hard to stay on place.

Style goes with the current fashion, what is the latest fashion it becomes style for us and whether it suits or not, the generation of twentieth century has to adopt it. Let's talk about the styling, the hair styling.

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