Men’s Fitness Tips For Ramadan 2012

Yes, Ramadan is around the corner and it’s hard to stop thinking of all the fun filled and food packed iftaris and sehris. Of course, the sehri and the iftari can’t be relished to the maximum without having a full capacity of deep fried stuff on the table. With oil and deep fried diet, comes another nuisance, chubbiness. Men’s fitness in Ramadan is usually compromised in the form of having gained a lot of weight as they feel lazy round the day and eat to the brim at meal times. Others feel low on energy and take this month as an excuse to be off the gym. Here, we equip you up with all the fitness tips that’ll help you stay fit round this Holy month.

Choosing The Best Time To Workout

It is extremely important that you decide what will be the best time for you to workout. There are two main time slots. One is that you work out before having the sehri and the second is that you workout after the iftari. At sehri time, a little diet will be enough to get you kick in’ at the gym, after which you can enjoy a proper sehri. Same goes with the iftari as you can gym about an hour after the iftari hour and before the evening meal. This will help you digest what you eat at the sehri and iftari times and contributes a lot towards keeping you active and fit round the clock.

The Diet

Fitness in Ramadan majorly depends on how you plan your diet. At sehri, it is advisable to eat stuff that digests slowly so that you get sustained energy throughout the day. For such energy, the food you eat must be high in fiber, protein and FAT! Yes, the word fat has been used. Healthy fats would include fish oil, butter, olive oil, egg yolks and many more. It is also advisable to divide your meals thoroughly over the time when you can eat. This allows the metabolism to be at a good pace and helps digest your food quickly.

Drink A Lot Of Water

One of the biggest fitness tips to follow in Ramadan is drinking a lot of water. Whenever you feel like it, drink a glass or two of water. This Ramadan it isn’t going to be easy during the harsh months of July and August and the problem of dehydration will be en route. A healthy man should drink at least 3 liters of water between sunset and sunrise in order to make up for the sweat lost.

The Duration Of Your Work Out

The workout during Ramadan should be strictly regulated. This means that you should try to sum up your gym time in between 45 – 60 minutes. It is expected that you might not be able to perform normally at the gym and may get tired or weary soon. It is normal for that to happen as you are generally low on energy and thus don’t get to give your best.

Choosing Your Training Mode During The Month

For maximum fitness in Ramadan, you should be more focused on maintaining your physique and aiming for a lean muscle. The recommended training mode in Ramadan is resistance training because it helps you achieve these goals easily. This really helps your body stay toned and keeps men on their maximum fitness level; the perfect training program. For those whose are not going to gym, so light indoor sport would be perfect.

The month of Ramadan is about what to do and what to avoid in the diet plan to stay active and in shape. What type of routine should be followed in Ramadan is also important.

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