Men Who Ignore Knee Pain Risk Worse

According to the new health research, it has found that Shrugging off chronic knee pain is a predictable part of men when they are in their 70s.  Aging in man’s 70s put them into risk for accelerated muscle loss, reduced quality of life, falls and other related problems.

"Many new studies suggest that chronic knee pain will badly impact quality of life in older people. Its is found that nearly 1/2 of the men over 70 have chronic knee pain. It is further explained that chronic knee pain is ot a ‘benign’ disease,". It leads to increased risk of falls, also developing mobility disability.

When we talk about mobility disability, it means that one find it hard to walk without some ones help and support,  being unable to walk up or down stairs to the first floor or being unable to walk about half a mile. Older people who experience mobility disability with chronic knee pain is a serious problem.

"Falling while walking or climbing stairs is mostly happened by men over 70 due to reduced strength and mass in the muscles, tendons and ligaments that extend the knee. About 1% loss of muscle mass is typical with aging which this weakens the knee muscles. Prevoiusly a link between chronic knee pain leg and decreased muscle strength  hold true for women, but now men are also going through this problem in their 70s. 

Recent studies almost tracked 1,587 men over age 70 for two years. From the total 1,587 men, about 640 of the men said they suffered from chronic knee pain at the start of the study. Two years later, another 150 reported experiencing bouts of chronic knee pain as well. Altogether, the  researchers found that men with knee pain were nearly two and a half times more likely to have mobility disability than those without pain.

Prevoius research has found the strength of those muscles drops by about 3.4 percent annually, with those who don’t have knee pain. For men with knee pain during the two-year study, muscle strength dropped by 4.5% a year.

The  researches suggested that older adults knee pain is associated with increased mobility problems, which is  partly related to muscle strength declines. Men in 70s who experience joint pain and stiffness must take medications as per doctors requirements.

There are several pain reduction strategies which could easily be applied to aging men. "there are many methods to improve lower-limb muscle strength in older adults, for instance supervised exercise training, may have possible benefits both in lessening the disability linked with knee pain, and also in preventing development of pain itself.

New study found, back pain, obesity and higher levels of bodily activity were more ordinary in the group of men with knee pain. Men in their 80s, however, were less likely to have knee pain probably being more sedentary.

Knee pain usually becomes upsetting many years earlier for men in age of 70. Both for men and women with physically demanding lifestyles or occupations ave knee problem more in common in their 50s.

Men who are over weighted, obese experience knee problem more often,  losing weight can help man to alleviate some knee pain. Shrugging knee pain men should see their doctors for an effectual and secure pain management strategy, and a physiotherapist for a optional physical activity program.

Health researchers need to keep in mind to take account for both knees when assessing the relationship between pain, structural disease and function. Men with knee pain experience the osteoarthritis disease. Knee osteoarthritis or joint pain is the major problem faced in 70s. Preventive treatments of the ‘knee at risk’ can ne made to allieviate this unilateral disease. Future interventions aiming at slowing the progression to bilateral disease may well be of benefit to the patient with osteoarthritis.

This article clearly depicts the potentials reasons cause knee pain in men in age of 70s, also discussed the key benefits of preventive treatements that could be taken to remove knee pain.

Shrugging off chronic knee pain as an inevitable part of aging puts men in their 70s at risk for accelerated muscle loss, falls and generally cause due to obesity and overweight.

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