Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss in men. It is equally common all around the world and is counted among the first signs of aging among men. About 95% of men in the world notice the signs of pattern baldness around the age of 35; and by the age of 50, most of the hair on their head start thinning.

There are a lot of causes of male pattern baldness and there are some treatments as well that can prevent or slow down the process. Let’s have a look at some of the causes and treatments of male pattern baldness.

  • Its in the genes

Male pattern baldness is related to your genes. It runs in the family. If you have a family history of male pattern baldness, then it is likely that you will also suffer from the same.

  • First signs

Male pattern baldness starts with the hairline and then starts moving backwards causing an M shape on the head. Eventually, when the hair becomes thinner, it causes a U shape around the sides of the head.

  • How does it happen

The hair rests in the small tiny cavities or holes called follicles. Baldness occurs when these follicles start to shrink, the hair on the crown or the hairline start becoming thinner and finer. Eventually, the follicles stop growing new hair. However, the follicles still remain in their place and are not dead. So, there are chances that the hair might grow in them.

  • Lack of proper nutrition

Lack of a balanced diet could be a major male pattern baldness cause. If you do not take proper amount of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the hair and skin health, then you will suffer from the baldness.

  • Anxiety can cause baldness

Prolonged stress and lack of adequate sleep can also cause male pattern baldness. If you are suffering from stress and not handling it properly; then prolonged situation will cause hair loss. Other bad habits that can cause baldness are taking too much alcohol. It is advisable to avoid alcohol to prevent baldness.

  • Take proper diet

One method for male pattern baldness treatment is to try indulging zinc, copper, iron, calcium, vitamin B-12 and B-7 in your diet. These vitamins and minerals are really important for the health of your hair and scalp skin. A quick solution to take the required amount of all vitamins is to take multivitamins on a daily basis. This will also help improve your overall health as well.

  • Massage your hair

Massaging can improve the blood circulation that can help in male pattern baldness treatment. Massaging with an essential oil will help fight baldness because the essential oils have such nutritional value that can prevent the follicles from shrinking.

  • Check with your physician

The ultimate male pattern baldness treatment is that you should check with your physician at the earliest. He is the best man to suggest what treatment you should adopt to prevent or get rid of baldness. There are a number of medical treatments that may be costly, but they can help you regain your hair.

Male pattern baldness has become common around the world. There are ways to prevent and cure the baldness and regain the hair.

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