Magic Book: Kindle 3

The onset of a new millennium a decade ago inaugurated an era of modernization and scientific development. The commonly held belief that soon, top gadgets will take over the role of the ordinary human seem more realistic every day. The latest gadgets are an evolution to the previously existing communicating or catering devices which were outdated due to a change in demand.

Today is marked primarily by our advancements in the production and use of latest gadgets. While the world was yet to stop being glorified by the options and facilities of a blackberry device which not only took function but the entire communication world to a higher level.

The new technology trend is to go sleeker and sleeker. And this is exactly what Kindle did in the latest edition. Life is getting easier everyday from huge disc recorders to tape recorders to CD players to iPod; this is the basic trend in every field. Kindle is an E-book reader which implies that the time is changing and people prefer to read e-books rather than paperback. There is still an orthodox lot who prefers to add books to their libraries and keep their books as a possession. But Kindle is about convenience.

Kindle has some really amazing features that make it worth buying. One is its long lasting battery time. Imagine that you are traveling and you cannot charge your Kindle for a week that will not be a problem because a Kindle can last for a month without charging. The new kindle contains 50% better contrast. This means that you will not have to squint or have any difficulty in reading. The 3rd generations Kindle also has a built a Wi-Fi system from which you can downloading e-books, magazines, photographs, chronicles and others. One of the best features is the memory storage; yes the new Kindle can store up to 3,500 books.

The Amazon has recently announced that the Kindle sales have surpassed paperbacks from 115 over 100. It is also easier to carry a Kindle then a pile of books. The new Kindle weighs only 8.7 ounces (241) grams. It is definitely a must buy for book lovers.

The evolving technology gives us new gadgets all the time. Kindle is an e-book reader which is becoming more successful than the paperback books. This a Kindle review to note all the important features in Kindle.

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