Lose a Fat Cell, Get a Fat Cell: Is Liposuction Worth It?

Liposuction is becoming more famous every day. In liposuction a person gets rid of his extra fat by going through a surgery. As science is upgrading continuously, new methods are being emerged for liposuction and many hospitals have adopted techniques and they are offering liposuction surgery in their hospitals. Due to this reason awareness about liposuction has also increased.

There was a time when people were unaware of anything like liposuction and if they wanted to lose fat from any part of their body they used different techniques like exercises and eating less. No doubt most of the people currently also do such things. But people who do not want to get into so much hassle for losing fat of their body they choose liposuction option and get rid of their extra fat. Now the question arises, is liposuction a right way to lose extra fat? 

If we look into US, then we will come to know that it is one of the most successful surgeries in US and number of people is increasing every year that go through liposuction. If we look at its number currently then every year half a million people opt for liposuction to remove their unwanted fat burden from different parts of their bodies. Mostly people get rid of their fats from tummy and from the sides.

But this is not failsafe surgery. It is seen that people after having liposuction gain fat on the body where it wasn’t present initially but after liposuction they grow fat there too. You can see extra fat growing on upper abdomen part or on the shoulders after having liposuction. This fact was also printed in New York Times. According to New York Times if a person takes off 1 pound of gelatinous goo from his body through liposuction it will come back to you again in a year and it can be on different places now.

Liposuction or losing fat from body was also tested in laboratory. This test was done on a rat. It is believed that all the body parts of rat’s functions like humans. Surgery was done on a rat and some fat was removed from its body. After some time it was seen that fat grew again in its body. Scientists have also found that fat cell has a life of seven year and when one fat cell dies the other fat cell formed.

Liposuction has its advantage of losing fat in one surgery but it is for a very shorter period. So it is advised to lose your fat cells through exercises and other means rather than liposuction.

Through liposuction people are losing the unwanted fat from their body. After liposuction this fat grows back again in a year, so it is better to go for dieting and exercising to lose fat.

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