Locate Your Goods with SmartPhone StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers

It is common problem these days that we often forgot the place where we kept our things. With so many things on our mind, it is only natural that we lose track of keys, gadgets and occasionally children [joke]. But, endless thanks to technology; we no longer have to face this problem anymore. Science has revolutionized our life style and StickNFind is one such example.

StickNFind Stickers are just another miracle of technology that will help us in locating our things, no wait, our lost things, accessories, and items. This device is less expensive and the best solution of the problem mentioned above and a lot of other individual ones. We can locate our accessories and other electronics by affixing it to any flat surface or keychain and voila, you will be led straight to your accessory within minutes. Just like that! It is that simple! Now that’s what we call a smart gadget, nay?

These are the characteristics of StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers:

  • It has CR2016 watch battery that will last for more than a year without the need of recharging again and again.

  • It is a multifunction device which makes it an attractive product for the consumer.

  • Although its current version can only display the distance between you smartphone and your lost accessory, the upcoming version will display the direction also that will definitely make this device more reliable and handy.

  • No doubt, this type of device is the need of every person who is surviving in this fast and busy world. Because of its usefulness and handiness, it is definitely a must-have for all of us.

  • The device will also alarm the user if the stickers go out of range and will make the device beep once letting the user know that you have left your smart phone behind. This is no doubt the most credible feature of the device that will make finding things unbelievably easy.

  • Another exciting feature of the gadget is that you can create your own app in it. Customization, dude, customization!

  • It allows its users to trigger an alert if sticker moves out of the range of iPhone. StickNFind works quite well and every person should have this magic tool with him in order to get rid of the short term memory problem.

  • It will provide comfortable experience will all its exciting features. This is very good and innovative idea indeed that can help us a lot in our daily life.

  • The price is also very reasonable that every pocket can afford though the advantages are more than the price.

This is very useful gadget that allows one to track any object with the help of it. It is solution of many problems. One can solve many problems of forgetfulness through it.

The device is currently available for pre-order and you can also book your order online through the respective website. These stickers also have light so one can find stuff in dark.

StickNfindis a magical tool to help you locate your goods by tagging them with Bluetooth

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