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Golf is no doubt thought to be the royal game. Here when we listen to word royal we think of the historical legacy. Like every royal thing or culture the golf also owns the history. In this very article we will try to give you the overview of golf’s history.

The golf is one the oldest royal games. The golf has remained the royal game not by its invention by the expensive accessories and the golf courses but now many clubs have made easy the play of golf. The golf history starts from the Scotland where the royal family used to play it after its fame it spread to United Kingdom and then it further more increased its wings to the America.

Golf is no doubt the kings play most of the well known personalities quoted golf as their favourite game. The Golf is thought to be also played first in 17th century in Netherlands (somewhere near Scotland).The early rules of the golf was that who so ever strokes the ball to the targeted destination with least number of strokes will be the winner. It should be noted in regard of golf history that first of all the golf was played with the wooden stick and a leather ball.

Another interesting study just came in to being recently that in the golf history even starts far before in 500 dynasties where Mongolian travellers used to play the game of golf somewhere in China. The Scotland old citizens that the modern golf today which is played on 18 holes is their own very inventions. It is very amazing to know that once golf was banned in its mother land Scotland accusing it of “unprofitable game” but later on this restriction was removed when people of Scotland refuse to accept this act.” articles and laws in playing at golf” is the book of rules and regulations of the golf game and this is updated every year.

The Golf courses today which are usually of 18 holes were not like that in golf history. The golf courses in history were of 11 holes. the golf was not glamorous in beginning but expensive indeed so at that time wide spread grounds with just few required holes was enough but today the golf courses have the sizzling effect of glamour. The golf courses are of different shapes and mostly near any pool and palm trees. The golf history is different form different sources but at the end of the day the golf is the royal gentlemen game which is still not adopted by the young…!

Golf is no doubt thought to be the royal game. Here when we listen to word royal we think of the historical legacy.

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