Know Men’s Fashion in Ramadan

The Ramadan has started and it bought a lot of blessings along it. In the month of Ramadan muslims keep fast as one of the important Islamic rituals, Aftar parties are the essential part of Ramadan. So ,what you wear in Aftar party counts a lot.

As it comes to the chance of social meetings in Ramadan.So,as a fashion follower you should know how to dress up in this Ramadan .The article will cover all the aspects of men’s fashion in Ramadan along with other gathering events of Ramadan.Lets have a look on men’s fashion in Ramadan with details.

Ramadan is the Holy month. So,men’s fashion which shows Islamic spiritual representation are can say that Ramadan kareem brings a month of Holy activities and events which includes milads and aftar parties in common.

So you have to know which men’s fashion in Ramadan should be adopted to look not only good but cultured also. Attending Holy events with western outfit are suppose to be fashion blunders and a guy with good dressing sense should follow the men’s fashion.

We recommend you the following for men’s fashion in Ramadan. Sherwani -sherwanis have been in men’s fashion in Pakistan since will be more suitable to say that in men’s fashion in Pakistan the sherwani is like hot favourite you can wear it at Nikah ,Wedding ,aftar parties , Milad and any formal event.

Its color and fabric matters counts a lot according to event like wearing sherwani following men’s fashion in Ramadan. The sherwani should be of sober colors like white ,off white ,grey black and dark blue, The fabric whatsoever it will be but should not be shiny and blazing.

Since shiny sherwanis are recommended for wedding ceremonies only. Sherwani adds grace to the men’s personality and gives him a perfect formal outlook so try out a best fit sherwani as men’s fashion in this Ramadan.

We are sure people will admire you for the sense of dressing you have. Kurta -days passed on but the effectiveness of this outfit remains as same in men’s fashion in Pakistan scene, Yes, kurtas are very light fabric outfit, some times very loose as compared to subject’s figure and sometimes best fit also.

Its usually in white ,but as a men’s fashion follower you can try out variations of colors in kurtas also. Kurtas specially in following men’s fashion in Ramadan are recommended in milads only. Since it gives an informal outlook in milads where everyone is selfless, So the lightness of kurtas will be felt as soft and gentle as that selflessness .white ,black ,light brown ,yellow are the colors with which kurtas can be tried out in milads during month of Ramadan Kareem.

Try kurtas as the essential component of men’s fashion in Ramadan. Arabic Shalwar kameez-Last but not the least here is the Arabic shalwar kameez. The men’s fashion in Pakistan does not owns this outfit so its used very rearly used, but as a whole its really attractive.

The Arabic Shalwar kameez is very long in length, Its length approaches even below your knees till ankles of the feet, Its not tightly fit but very loose form top to bottom. This can be recommended for Milads and at home gatherings but not for aftar parties since its more informal.

A guy with noticeable height can try out Arabic shalwar kameez as the new addition to men’s fashion in Pakistan following men’s fashion in Ramadan specifically. We hope that these men’s fashion in Ramadan tips can help you out while choosing your outfits.

Happy Ramadan Kareem..!



The Ramadan has started and it bought a lot of blessings along it.

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