Knot it Perfectly

All men have the desire to look classy and stylish when wearing a tie. When it comes to men’s style, ties are considered as an important part of style statement that makes impression even before the first handshake.

Though, men’s tie style gives a chic and mature look to men, but the selection of wrong tie can also make you look sleazy and immature.  With the revolution in men’s tie fashion, men have got a wide range of options in choosing the men’s tie style that best suits their personality. Some of the basic knot styles in men’s tie fashion are:

  • Bowtie

Bowtie is one of the spectacular styles in men’s tie fashion which has made a comeback in the latest trends. Bowtie doesn’t only looks stylish on tuxedo, but it gives an ultimate sexy look to men.

  • Double / Full Windsor

The double/full Windsor men’s tie style is the knot that real men wear. This knot is mostly preferred in professional men’s style, which gives a confident and competent look to men. The double/full Windsor men’s tie fashion is an appealing style of knot which is highly admired by women. Though the technique of tying full Windsor men’s tie style is bit tricky, but with little practice you can master it.

  • Half Windsor

Half Windsor also looks stylish in men’s tie fashion and it is also less complicated to knot it perfectly. This men’s style also gives an elegant look to your finished appearance with traditional mature style.

  • The Prince Albert

The Prince Albert knot is also popular among men’s style and most of the time is preferred by the politicians. This men’s tie style is usually preferred in elongated shape and its width is less as compared to double/full Windsor men’s tie style. The more elongated you tie the Prince Albert’s men’s tie style, the less wide it’s going to look.

  • Four in Hand

This men’s tie style is also known as the schoolboy knot. Though it looks cool, but this men’s tie fashion is particularly for young guys and not suitable for real professional men.

Though the fashion trends have changed a lot with the span of time, but men’s tie fashion has always been in the market. Whether you want to dress up maturely or just want to maintain your stud looks, men’s tie style will always be helpful in bringing up true fashionable style in your persona.

Men’s tie fashion has always grasped a significant spot when it comes to men’s fashion trends. Make your own style statement by making a perfect dress up with a perfect knot according to latest men’s tie style trends.

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