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Not all shoes are not of the same type. You can’t take care of a canvas sneaker the same way you would take care of a leather brogue. But each kind of shoe needs proper care and protection. You need to put some time and effort into the fabric and the soles, and they’ll bear whatever damage you can inflict on it. Here’s how to keep your shoes looking their very best.

Polish Leather Often:

You’ve invested money on your new shoes. It’s important that you make sure they look good. So as soon as you take them out of the box, polish them. Polish them each time you put them on so they always look their best.


Protect and Brush Suede:

If you’re buying suede boots, purchase a protective suede spray along with them that resists water, salt and mud so they won’t be damaged by the rudiments. You should also commit to a good suede eraser and brush for maintenance. First, use your eraser to target stains. Then, follow up with the brush to bring the nap of the suede back to its original state.

Save the Sunday Paper:

Save your shoes from permanent damage from rainfall by drying them as soon as you get home. Stuff your shoes with newspaper to soak up the moisture, and place them in well ventilated area as you wait for them to dry. Whatever you do, don’t pick up the hair dryer or place them near a heater, which will damage and make the leather cracked and brittle.


Drop the Sponge:

Often a sponge tip applicator attached to your favorite shoe polish can contain silicone, a material for your shoes. Instead, keep a shoe-care kit with essentials like polish and a natural hair brush. It is recommended not to use sponge on your shoes too often.

Roughen up your Boots:

Don’t put your boots through the ringer just to get that rugged, worn-in look. You can still get the same effect after protecting the leather. Use a leather balm and neutral cream, but avoid buffing them to a shine. Just watch the soles.


Embrace the Elements:

Polishing your boat shoes isn’t a crucial requirement. Let them live through the elements because they’re intended to be salt-washed and faded. While there are conflicting opinions, we agree with the advice that Boat shoes look really cool when you can tell they have been used

Invest in Quality Polish:

Ignore your urge to take the bargain route. Yes, you need shoe polish and not the sneaker scuff cleaner from the local drugstore? Although they may save you several bucks, they don’t actually remove scuffs. Instead, they layer on a white paste that appears chalky when dry. So stick to white shoe polish.

Hand Wash Your Canvas:

The best way to clean your canvas sneakers is by hand with fabric shampoo and water, and not in the washing machine. Even on a gentle sequence, the sole of your shoes can break down and in turn will look more worn out.

Take good care of each one of your shoe differently because each show is unique and needs special care.

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