Is Your Marriage Affecting Your Health?

Despite all the jokes about how men’s health is adversely affected by marriage, having a companion has a positive impact on men’s health. Various researches conducted worldwide conclude that men’s health stabilizes or improves over time if they are happily married. Although there is no proof that it causes longevity of life, but the standard of men’s health is significantly greater than unmarried counterparts. For example, men’s health risk of stroke is 64% more in unmarried men.
So, is “tying the knot” a guarantee of superior men’s health?
Not necessarily!
The studies suggest that having a partner is not enough for men’s health – happiness and satisfaction from marriage are the prerequisites for your prosperity. Couples who reported grievances from their marriage had higher risks of fatal diseases. Men’s health issues are not associated with physical wellbeing only. The psychological stress can cause serious problems to men’s health as well.
You cannot view men’s health in isolation; it is interlinked with the understanding between the couple, learning of the children, and overall affection between the families. Here’s what you can do to ensure that men’s health remains intact and the familial bond strengthens between your family members:
–    Share your troubles and happiness with your companion. It shouldn’t be a “one-way street” either. It’s important for a healthy relationship that your partner trusts you as well to share their misgivings as well. It will develop closeness that men’s health can benefit from.
–    Collaborate with your partner. While you always listen that marriage is compromise, it doesn’t have to be grudging. If you discuss issues well, you can find a mutually agreeable point that doesn’t involve “giving up” stuff.
–    Understanding is overrated; learn to express your love…and disagreement (positively). It’s good for men’s health and satisfaction. Your partner will invigorate you in all spheres of life when she is confident of your feelings towards her.
These basic rules are just few of the daily adjustments can bring you long-term men’s health benefits. You can enjoy comfortable living and grow old in a cherished relationship. Fights, arguments, divorce, etc. are not only detrimental on men’s health, but also affect the involved parties like wife, children, parents, siblings, etc. So, have a positive outlook at life and live longer with good health!

Men's health is closely linked to the strength of the bond of their marriage. Is it a myth or a fact? Let's explore it today.

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