Is Infertility a Rich Man’s Disease to Treat?

Infertility is the dire nuisance for men. In precedent, there were no solution for this lethal malady and was a controversial concern among all over the world. But now it is curable, scientific methodology has formulate its alleviate.

Man’s infertility is alleviating disease that can be surmounted. But there is a gigantic crisis that it is a lavish conduct and no more than the infertility of a rich man disease is under alleviate. These are some problem and solution has been originate such as;

• Male FSH

• Semen Analysis with Sperm Function tests Hormone Assay’s

• Follicular Monitoring

• Endomereria Biopsy

• Post Coital Test

• Routine Blood and Urine Test

• Screening for HIV, Hepatitis B, STD’s

• Hysterosalpingograpghy (H.S.G) to check the fallopian tube.

These test and treatment are expensive and sometimes not affordable for everyone. That’s why it says that infertility a rich man disease. Because the rich one espouse all the tactics and make visit to specialist, whereas the poor ones are not able even to disburse the fare of auto. So how will they medicate their blight?

Sometimes infertility causes some emotional and emotional predicament in men. Now and then, they involved in some physical problem as well. Because infertility can be one of the harsh reality and challenge men can face. Somewhere it is devastating for someone.

After all, the necessity of reproduction is a legal and one of the few thing on which all the Holy Books agree. If a person not bestowed with brood or Childs, then a person can feel failing that his most primal responsibilities. 

There are some problems that can cause men infertility;

• Varicocele

• Undescended testicle

• Infection in testicle, the prostate or elsewhere in the body that casue a fever

• Chemotherapy for cancer

• Medicine such as anabolic steroid or anti-seizure medicines

• Genetic abnormalities

• Harmon problems

There are certain ways of treatment of different causes of male infertility. In fact, the current method of the therapy of male infertility divided arbitrarily into following categories, no available treatment, specific treatment, treatment of uncertain efficacy, empirical treatment and treatment by assisted reproductive techniques.

Now let’s talk about the diet needs to get off from infertility; so the men those are suffering from infertility, they should to talk some steps for increasing the number of fertility,

Vegetable, meet, (beef, mutton and white meat), tomato, potatoes’ because they contain a large number of nutrients, vitamin A and E, those are necessary element for increasing the fertility. Then egg, fresh juices are also very useful for this purpose. But it is simply clear that infertility is only the rich man disease. Then other essential things those are necessitate are

• Protect and encourage the healthy DNA

• Promote sperms health

• Health during conception

• Encourage and persuade the healthy libido

Now men you also need to take care of essential nutrients those help to the men suffering from infertility;

• Zinc

• Folic Acid

• B12

• Vitamin C

• CoQ10

• L-Caritin

But in some rare cases the treatment of male infertility is unable treated. In such case specialist can also not do help. Yes the only thing that can happen is they can medicate you with invertible infertility, although this treatment may not address a couple’s goal top having a child, but it can improve the male partner’s sexual function and mood and help in increase and maintain bone and muscle mass.

It has been thought that infertility is a curse disease of women, but as it turns out, the men don’t get off that easily. About one or two of every three cases of infertility is just because of the men. But now a day, it is completely subjugated but it

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