Is Acupuncture an Answer to Men’s Health Problems?

You might be oblivious of the fact that men are as much as 24% less likely than women to visit a doctor for their routine health care. Compared to women, men are shyer to discuss problems i.e. prostate, erectile dysfunction and infertility but, being a man, your best interest lies in being honest with your doctor because your physical health determines your emotional health, love life and relationships.

While western medicine is beneficial, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a male-specific therapy that covers a number of problems preventing them from starting their own family.  For starters, men specific problems are very common and timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment can help them a long way. 
Acupuncture is a very economical solution that can be started concomitantly with the other treatment that your doctor recommends.  Acupuncture treatment is available in a number of clinical settings and health care centers. It consists of fine needles that are inserted at specific points in your body where they do the wonder by regulating the flow of energy. A treatment plan is individually designed according to your specific condition and you may require multiple sessions spanning from a few weeks to a few months before you actually see the results. Acupuncture comes in handy when you cannot afford the traditional western medicines and procedures that are sometimes too expensive i.e. in vitro fertilization etc. Western procedures cost as much as $10,000 – $15000 where acupuncture is relatively economical costing you around $60 – $120.

Let us today see how acupuncture helps men with their problems.
• Erectile Dysfunction is the most common disorder that affects almost all men at some point in their lives but if you have a consistent problem, you need a treatment.  Diseases such as diabetes, heart trouble, anxiety, stress, medication and surgery can clog your penile blood vessels. Acupuncture opens these vessels and boosts your intimacy stamina.

• Infertility is a result of low quality, movement or concentration of sperms. In conjunction with western medicine, acupuncture improves sperm production and quality that tremendously increases your chances of fertility. This is effective for both men and women.

• Prostatitis is another common condition affecting men worldwide. It causes burning while urinating, frequent need to pass and a general pain in the pelvis and lower back region. Various studies have shown that together with herbal therapies, acupuncture is the most effective treatment for Prostatitis.

• Prostate Cancer: Characterized by blood in semen or urine and persistent back pain, Prostate Cancer is another disorder that affects 1 in 6 men over the age 50. Screening and early treatment are said to be effective in warding off its onset. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are known to relieve the side effects by boosting men’s health in prostate cancer.

• Male depression, stress, anxiety, frustration, irritability, lack of interest in work and social life and sleep disturbances can all be treated effectively with acupuncture.

With so many benefits this technique is offering, why must you miss out on them? The solution is not far, just muster up the courage, recognize the trouble and give acupuncture a try. This technique is side-effect free so you have actually nothing to lose.

If you are looking for the benefits of Acupuncture and have not yet tried it, it might interest you to know that in conjunction with medicine, Acupuncture provides solutions to almost all of men’s health problems.

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