Important Checklist for Groom Bespoke Suiting

Options for men suiting:

The outfits which are made for market and traded through shops rather than made to order for separate client is called ready to wear. Made-to-measure means custom clothing which is cut and stitched using a standard-sized base design whereas bespoke tailoring is exclusively made from scratch based on a client's specifications with far more devotion to minute fit specifications and using numerous fittings during the construction process. Now if you purchase a men suiting off the shelf and you get it tailored, it won’t be a custom suit. It’s just an off the rack suit that’s been altered. The word bespoke has been so widely misused that’s its almost lost its true meaning. A bespoke suit is fundamentally different than a made-to-measure suit that you might buy. Made-to-measure suits, on the other hand, start with a pattern so there’s already a pattern and it’s just adjusted based on your inputs but it’s not made from scratch like a bespoke suit.

Bespoke suiting:

Bespoke suiting is the most superior way to look well-dressed and distinctive on the wedding day or for the any event. Ready to wear men suiting neither gives you a presentable look nor it gives you fitting. Bespoke suiting is highly recommended for a groom. If one wants to make one’s special day remarkable and exciting one should give proper attentions to groom’s suiting. Though it’s quite expensive way to look good but for a groom suit it’s the most appropriate way of looking appealing. Bespoke suiting is much more time intensive than made to measure or off off the rack. It involves more fabric, more time and extra proficiency. It also involves a lot more money as well.

Be the best-looking man you can be:

Bespoke suiting gives people freedom to choose. If you get an idea of suiting, do not hesitate to share it with your tailor. Our face and the way it’s formed, what we were given, we can’t really change that, but what we can do is we can work on the packaging. The purpose of clothing is to help you be the most attractive man you can be. It’s like a piece of armor that fits on you on your wedding day. After decades, when you and your partner look back at your wedding photographs you would be delighted and you would cheer them and your kids and even grand kids would say ‘grandpa was really looking good.’ That’s the kind of reaction you should acquire.

Fitting is the ultimate ruler:

Bespoke suiting gives you fitting. It doesn’t matter what brand you are wearing. It doesn’t matter how much you have spent on your suiting. If it doesn’t fit, it’s a bad suit. It’s imperative that you are able to restfully cross your arms without scratching the fabric across your back. The fabric of the jacket should curtain the natural outline of your arms without huddling up, being too tight or loose. If you really want to look attractive and unique you need to go for bespoke suiting.

Size of sleeve:

Bespoke suiting gives importance to even minor details of your suiting. Sleeves also play important role in giving you a good look. The measurement of the sleeve is also vital. You want to be comfortable displaying at least a quarter to half an inch of shirt underneath your outfit. This is one of those adjustments that need to be completed by a tailor. So the bespoke suiting has an advantage here.

Ideal length of suit:

Choosing bespoke suiting is a rational decision because it fulfills all the requirements which are needed to dress well. Things which you need to discuss with your tailor is that your suit should be fallen somewhere between your wrist and the center of your thumb but most importantly it should cover your bottom.

Fitting of pants:

As far as pants are concerned, first of all, you should make sure that waist of your pants fits you accurately. You need not to wear belt for your waist tightness. Actually, the best quality suit pants are made without belt circles. There is some suppleness in determining how you want the edge of your pants to look, either you can go for no break, half break or full break. The suit fabric must naturally curtain the outline of your legs without being too loose.


The three most popular variations of the lapel are the notch lapel which is that typical one you see on most men suiting. Then you have the peak lapel and the third one is shawl collar, which is something that you see conventionally at more formal occasions. If you think that one of those lapels suits your character or you look finest, don’t be frightened to try it, give it a go and see if it works with your clothing.

Buttons are Important:

Buttons of the men suiting are also important. For a groom suiting, two front buttons are desirable. They look elegant and classy and even work with all styles.


The most important part of groom suiting is its color. You are free to choose your color. If you are attaining your first suit then you ought to certainly get a suit that’s going to be versatile that you can wear to weddings, events, and workplace. A navy suit for that fits all occasions. For summer you need to choose bright colors that pop and make a statement. But for the winter and fall, you want brown tones, navy tones, and dark tones. It just generally looks decent with the light of that season.

Prepare early yourself for wedding:

Start preparing all of this 90 days before you are going to get married. Give yourself about 90 days. If you can give yourself longer time for preparation, especially if you are on a very tight budget, this can result into saving a lot of money as well as choosing the best groom suiting.

Practice wearing suits

Do practice wearing the suit again and again and take reviews from your loved ones on how you are looking whether the suit looks good on you or not. It will help you look good on your wedding day. You should get the suit that makes you feel proud to wear it. If you’ve worn it before, you will feel more comfortable in it. You should practice wearing what you’re going to wear.

Decide on a dress code:

The groom is expected to be the best-dressed man at the wedding. Bespoke suiting is the most accurate way to look best-dressed man because seasoned tailors who are skillful take care of the minutest details to men suiting and give their clients unique look. So you need to decide for yourself which kind of dress code you should wear.

Moreover, bespoke suiting is the more recommended way of suiting these days. It gives you ultimate freedom to choose. It is the only possible way to get a perfect suit, that fits you well, drapes your body perfectly and is according to your size in length and all the measurements.

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