Illuminated In Pool Barstool

Swimming and pool parties are one of the best. Even if you are not partying in the pool even then it is very relaxing after a day’s long work. Illuminated pool barstools only used to be there at 5 star hotels but now they are also for sale and you can buy a pair or two for your own pool at home. These pool barstools have LED lights in them and they illuminate in water. There is also a controller which you can put to the side of the pool and control the lighting of the stool according to your mood.

The best part about these stools is that they will not float here and there because they will anchor themselves once set in pool. These stools also have rechargeable batteries that you can charge again and again. This is the perfect item for your pool decoration and having a good time. You can make yourself a chilled Pina Colada in summers and sip it while sitting on this stool. These illuminated in pool barstools will also be a decoration for your pool and your guests will definitely appreciate them.

These are for Rs. 22,000. But if you have a pool in your house then you can definitely afford these and enjoy your pool more.

Illuminated pool barstools used to be a five star luxury before but now you can also have them at your home pool.

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