How To Speed Up Your Shaving?

Shaving refers to the removal of the hair by using a razor or other kinds of bladed equipments. It is commonly practiced by men for removing the facial hair. Shaving mostly involves a razor, brush and mirror but today shaving involves many of more choices. There is a myth about shaving that if you shave more often, hair will grow back thicker and faster.

This is just a misconception. Fearing this, many of the men are afraid of shaving. Shaving does not affect the growth of hair. Due to shaving, hairs become thick only because of the angle of the cut that occurs when using a razor. Facial hair becomes thicker and continues to grow thicker for the several years after the onset of puberty. This process varies from person to person.

Shaving is the most important aspect of grooming for men. You should not be afraid of myths, shave twice a day. It is believed that ninety percent of all men shave at least once per day. If you want to speed up your shaving then keep some important points in your mind.

First of all, it is very important to thoroughly prepare the skin for shaving. You must prepare your skin for the wrath of an open blade before shaving. This preparation involves washing the face with plenty of hot water or you can also apply a steaming towel on face. You should dab steaming towel against face from time to time before removing it as the steam gradually evaporated. You can also go with hot shower.

You must use shaving gel to remove facial hair. Apply the gel with brush and brush the gel on face for three minutes. A shaving brush is one of the best tools. Applying the shaving gel with brush is really an important point that does not take more than three minutes. You must go with shaving gel if you want to speed up your shaving. By applying the gel with brush on face, even the tiniest layer of hidden hair is made soft and loose from the root to the tip. The friction that is generated by brushing also prepares your skin for blade and save your skin from irritation.

Then use a razor to remove the hair from the face.  Use a fresh and new blade as often as you can. While removing hair by using razor make sure to don’t stretch your skin as you shave and do the opposite and loosen it. These two techniques will be really beneficial for you and combination of these two techniques will greatly limit cuts and blemishes.

After shave it is necessary to nourish the skin as shaving parches it. After shaving skin is most vulnerable so rinse the face with warm water and use a facial wash that has a high concentration of tea tree oil.  Moisture is really important for skin as it prevents sun rays and also act as a shield against external aggression from pollution and direct contact with bacteria. Use a moisturizer or after shave lotion. In market a variety of after shave products are available.

Apply these tips to speed up your shave. These tips will help you and contribute a lot in grooming your personality.

If you want to speed up your shaving then you must follow these tips. You just need to keep in mind some important points that will help you in speed up your shaving.

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