How to Prevent Sweating

We all need to perspire, the human anatomy favored perspiration. Open pores make your body perspire, although it is healthy for your health, but too much sweating causes some problems for you as well. There is nothing fun about excessive sweating, as sometimes it makes you embarrass. Apart from embarrassing, too much sweating is also unpleasant for you itself.

Sweating is normal, but too much sweating is not normal, it can be a medical problem and need medical attention. There are remedies to control the sweating, but all are not worth giving. Apart from remedies brought some little changes in your habits and get rid from excessive sweating.

Tricks to Prevent Sweating

To prevent sweating you need to bring change in some primary domains of your life. It’s not much difficult, just go for simple changes and cherish the amazing results, but keep in mind you cannot avoid sweating completely. In following domains you need to bring change.

  • Food
  • Workout
  • Clothing
  • Deodorants


What you eat does matters a lot; food can increase and decreases the level of sweating. Spicy foods attract you with great flavor and aroma, but they cause too much sweating. Such kinds of food make you sweat more often in shorter slots of time. Spicy food increases your blood circulation that is the main reason of sweating. Say: "NO" to the spicy food and go for food that is cooler in its nature. It does not mean that you are totally restricted for spicy food; you can have it, but not very often.


In order to prevent sweating, check your workout timings and habits. Your timing for workout should not be in the noon, as at noon your body temperature and the environmental temperature are on their peak. If you workout or exercise in noon you will be more prone to the sweating.

To reduce weight and toxins people often go for Hot Baths. Though they are useful, but to avoid sweating it is better to leave them. Must take a bath before and after doing workout; make sure that you are not going for bath immediately after the workout.


Be clever in your clothing selection, always choose season appropriate clothing. Don’t blindly run after fashion, as seasonal fashion trends are too comprise on such things that cause troubles for you. Be aware about the clothing stuff. For summer select thin clothing to beat the excessive sweating.

Apart from thin your clothing must be comfortable, keep in mind that cotton shirts can be helpful to avoid sweating, but the tight fitting of your shirt can make your selection a big disaster. Tight clothing increases the chance of sweating. To avoid sweating go for lose cuts.


Deodorants are multifunctional, as they give you pleasant aroma, prevents you from smell and gives you comfortable feeling. The latest in deodorants is perspiration deodorants, but they are expensive. Drop some money if you really want to get rid from excessive sweating. For this purpose "Drysol" is the most popular option. You can choose these deodorants with the help of your doctor; large verity of medicated deodorants is also available in the market.

Last, but not the least, sweating is normal and healthy process; don’t think to block it completely. Just try to keep it on normal levels.

Sometimes sweating cause embarrassing situations for you. Sweating is normal but too much sweating needs your attention to fix it. You can control you sweating by following some tips.

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