How to Appear Slimmer Through Your Dressing


By the time men reach their middle age, the majority of them have a desire of being a few pounds lighter. By then, they are often working long hours, eating nutritionally questionable food on the go and relaxing over a cigarette or three. They strive to join the gym but are always caught up in family commitments or social gatherings. Thus getting themselves slimmer becomes a hard ordeal.

A wiser decision for such gentlemen would be to choose a wardrobe that doesn’t make you look fat or flabby. Although we are not suggesting you to quit diet or exercise, but a little wardrobe repair can boost up your self esteem and can make you look appealing and slimmer. Choosing to dress slim will require that you give up on some of your immediate ready to go- pieces and adopt new shape-friendly styles, colors and combinations that suit you. Not to mention a change in mindset. Are you willing to give it a try??

When trying to appear slimmer, you don’t want your outfit to contain any complicated features that encourage the eye to linger, since this will enhance the perception of volume. To draw the eye from head to toe quickly, here are a few tricks:

Designer Dress

  • Try not to contrast blocks of color. If you plan on wearing a white shirt with dark trousers, layer something dark over the shirt (such as a blazer, cardigan or jacket) to avoid having a two section image of your body.

  • Keep your stripes thin and less perceptible, so eyes run through them quickly. Thicker, brighter stripes are more noticeable in any direction and can make you look bigger. The stripe rule mentioned can be applicable to any other pattern, including checks, prints, textures or applied details. Just analyze the material you’re wearing and ask you if the pattern is easy to interpret or if it calls for too much attention.

  • Any horizontal feature will delay the viewer’s scanning process, so when it comes to obvious pockets, large buckles, contrast belts, patches, and denim rips/distressing, embroidery and such, keep them to an absolute minimum. Think twice before wearing pleated trousers, cargo pants, field jackets etc.

Dress to Impress

  • Remember that no matter how heavy you feel at the moment, having a defined chest, waist, arms and legs is much better than looking like a shapeless tent. For this reason, oversized shirts, t-shirts and knitwear are a total no for you. Dress your size, no matter which size it is at the moment.

  • Keep your trousers in a geometrical course i.e. straight or slightly tapered cuts are a better option when it comes to jeans, chinos and tailored bottoms. Their outline will draw right (or slightly acute) angles with the ground, which will promote a vertical, elongating (and slimming) perspective to your projection from the floor upwards.

  • In terms of waistline, you need to consider your torso-to-legs proportion. If you wish for longer legs, opt for a higher rise and wear them around your waist, where they should be.

    dress your size

Your wardrobe can define you figure both positively and negatively. Keep the right cuts of clothing and appear slimmer than you really are.

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