Home Made Hand Scrubs For men

Men usually have to deal with grubby oily hands because they work hard and rough. Not only at work but also in their leisure time men deal with products that can damage their hands and make them look messy and untidy. Be it a new found hobby or a greasy car fix, men need to keep their hands dirty to get some serious working done.

After the work is complete their main idea is to clean them with a good swish and splash of that good old bath or kitchen soap to get their hands nice and clean. But that hardly makes their hands good as new. For all those men out there who need serious hand treatments and need to make a clean and tidy impression, here are two recipes for the perfect man hand scrubs that can help you men keep your hands squeaky clean.

oily hands

Home Made Sugar Scrub:

Sugar scrub is a lovely product for hardworking dry hands. It moisturizes hands and keeps them perfectly clean. Its great to use after a good job at day gardening, car wash or even packing. Sugar scrapes off all the dirt and honey and oil are excellent moisturizers to heal skin.

Sugar Scrub makes 400ml 

(12oz) 1/2 cup olive oil

1 1/2 cups sugar 

2 tbsp honey 

A few drops of your choice of essential oil (optional)

Put the sugar in a bowl and add the honey and olive oil in it. Mix the ingredients well till an even mixture is formed. It will come out to be like wet sand. If you want to add the essential oil, stir it in one drop at a time until it has the required scent. Now store it in an airtight jar with a round mouth to make it easier for you to scoop out. If you don’t want to use olive oil, you can use almond oil, macadamia oil or even coconut oil.

Home Made Sugar Scrub

Heavy Duty Hand Scrub with Apricot Kernels:

1 cup of clay powder

½ cup of apricot kernels

¼ cup of coarse sea salt

1 cup of brown sugar

1 cup baking soda

¼ cup of almond oil

1½ cup of citrus castile soap

Make a mixture of all the ingredients mentioned above with the help of a wire whisk. The mixture absorbs heavy greases and oils from the skin that scrubs away heavy dirt, stuck on things like paint and other gunk from your hands. In addition, the ingredients help pamper your hands to become soft and smooth instead of rough and dry.

Once the mixture is blended in, it forms into this heavy greenish foamy hand scrub that will create lather and rinse of all residues on your hand. If you feel the scrub is too stiff and gooey add in more castile soap until you achieve the texture your wish the scrub to have. If u think, it’s too runny just add in a little more clay powder, sugars and salts. The scrub has an amazing zesty citrus scent and lasts for a long periods of time.

 Heavy Duty Hand Scrub with Apricot Kernels

No more you have to embarrass with oily hands, endeavor home made scrubs and ensure your soft hands!

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