Have a colourful Independence Day on 14th August

Experiencing the most colourful Independence Day this year on 14th August.

14th August, 1947 means a lot for the people of Pakistan because at this day we not only got freedom from our cruel leaders but on this day we got our own identity and our own values. We got execution of right needs and got rid of mortification. Like every other country in this world, we people of Pakistan, also have some our own rituals and rules to follow. We celebrate Independence Day by offering prayers and having full enjoyment, enthusiasm, delight and contentment.

Besides celebrations we do have fashion factor jotted with our Independence Day on 14th August. On this special day every one tends to wear dresses of white and green combinations as it represents National flag of Pakistan. Where white represents peace and green represents success. Mostly men wear white shalwar with green kameez or green trousers and white shirts. Now a day there are most trendy Independence Day wear is out there in market for men like Outfitters, StoneAge, and HSY etc.

Children wear colourful dresses and make wonderful tattoos on their fore-heads. So we see that Independence Day dresses are no more boring and now they have complete sense of fashion in them. That is the reason why Men tend to buy these dresses and wear them on Pakistan’s Independence Day on 14th August.

Experiencing the most colourful Independence Day this year on 14th August.

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