H2 Handy Recorder

The trend ever since digital technology came in to being has been to make life easier. Everything is going from big to small and smaller. The idea of modern life has started revolving around portability. Earlier there used to be tape recorders to record stereo with the help of cassettes. The size of the recorders started to shrink with time. Till few years ago there were mini audio recorders that had mini cassettes to record on.

H2 has left all the previous stereo recording machines behind. The idea of this gadget is easy-to-use and portable. It provides with high quality stereo recording. The size of this gadget is as big as a cell phone and instead of a cassette it has an SD card port. The recording is digital you can quickly transfer the recordings straight to your computer which saves from all the hassle. The way this gadget has been made is brilliant it has two sets of mics one at the front whereas the other is at the rear. Hence it provides 360 degree coverage. The 3D panning function gives the user a complete control over the mic balance.

This handy recorder is simply a wonder if you want to record a lecture, seminar or a conference. It is a must have for journalists who want to record interviews. It can be of great help to journalists for carrying out various assignments such as news gatherings. It is also great for musical podcasting and musicians often use this while rehearsing. This gadget can also be used while you are preparing for a speech. Your recordings can be transferred on your computer in no time and later can be edited and converted in to different formats as well. The SD card feature is one of the best along with amazing quality of recording. You can chose an SD card according to your use, a 32 GB card can give you up to 55 hours of recording.

The gadget also includes features like pre-record features, USB mic, versatile playback modes, and four hours of continuous operation, and accessories for any application. This handy recorder has proved how digital technology has influenced our lives making it a lot more easier in everyday life.

It is brilliant how life is becoming simpler and better with these gadgets coming out every now and then. H2 Handy Recorder is a gadget that is eyed by journalists, common people, musicians and students.

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