Forget Your Smart Watch and Start wearing Smarty Ring

 When smart watches came and got popular among people than its popularity confirms one thing that a huge amount of people liked the idea of wearing computers on their wrists. After introducing wearable computers on the wrist, the clever minds created another innovative way to wear computer on other parts of the body. Guess what? Yup its smarty rings! Now you can say “Forget your smart watch, I am wearing a smarty ring”.

Why use a fashion gadget that hush-up around your wrist for mobile notifications when you can have all those on more small fashion gadget that can be worn on just a single finger? This makes sense to me, what about you? A smarty ring is too small to read sms, emails, to hold a camera, or crams in a mic for hands-free conversations. If you are planning to use a smart watch for receiving alerts and notifications, then this seems like a more proficient and efficient device for achieving the same thing. Smarty ring allows you to accept or reject incoming calls.This latest gadget is the perfect tiny remote to your smart phone. It’s comes with a display panel to showcase all alerts from your smart phone and control it like a remote. The hardware buttons are seamlessly entrenched in the ring with a slight altitude. 

Smarty Ring for Men

The Smarty Ring is a non-allergic stainless steel band with a petite LED panel (either blue or red single colored) on the finger acting as the display. It displays time by default along with playing an audible beeping sound, when a notification comes in. To pair with your phone it uses Bluetooth 4.0, after which it can alert you for calls, sms, mails, and supports various updates like Face book, Twitter, Google Hangouts and Skype. 

Smarty Ring comes with a timepiece that can be used as a normal digital watch when not in use. It supports functions like a stopwatch, timer and an alarm clock too. Smarty Ring can also be used to access camera of your smart phone remotely; the camera start function suggests some advanced features too. Smarty Ring also gives you option to change your smart phone profile, access music and change the mobile’s volume. If you put your phone in the silent mode for a meeting and it continues to stay in that mode in your pocket than surely you forget all about it but not now with smart ring as it is having a small remote which can alert you to calls in the meanwhile. 

Smarty Ring Men

Smarty ring also provides you security as if once the ring is synced with your mobile, when you step beyond 30 meters without the phone, the ring will remind you by sounds a beep. If you cannot locate the phone, you can set the ring to alert sound an alert. The tone and the volume of the alert can be personalized. The best part of smarty ring is its quality of water proof that you may also wear it while swimming. It will also resist sweating. Moreover it naturally runs on power. The eternal power of the smart-ring is 24 hours. The smarty ring also comes with a wireless charger as an accessory.

Smarty Ring

The Smarty Ring is well-matched with both, iOS and Android and this fashion gadget comes with an application to manage syncing. Furthermore, the smarty ring also acts like an extensive security system for your mobile. If lost, you can synchronize the ring to track your smart phone. Although the smarty ring is still in the development phase but seems to be a cool fashion gadget. What do you say?

The world of technology is going high and fast day by day. You see computers got small and turn to lap top than palm top than tablets than fablets. Did you think of smart watch?

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