Exercise and Computer Use May Protect Memory

Sitting in front of computer for long hours is like sitting idle but if we notice that our brain is continuously in a workout. It also helps our brain from cognitive decline. It enhances the ability of our brain to work for longer hours. In a research, it was found that people who are engaged in some physical activity and also have a habit of computer use are fit and have powerful brain than those who did not.

Long Term Memory Loss Problem

A  University research study shows that a small amount of physical exercise and at the same time using computer in free time could profoundly protect from long-term memory loss that could happen suddenly following infection, illnesses or injury in old age. Older people as they are now free from there busy lives if make their regular routine of exercise and computer use may never have memory problems. Studies have revealed that such people were less likely to experience age-related memory loss, compared with people who did either of the activities on its own.

Computer And Exercise Combined Effect

We all know that exercise is good for us. It can help us to lose weight and lower blood pressure, stress, etc. It can boost energy and improve our mood. It can also help to tone, tighten, and strengthen muscles so that we look and feel our best. Most people also understand that mental exercise is important which is best done by computer use, as well, especially after the age of retirement. Studies have shown that people who lose interest later in life often fall into decline more rapidly than those who stay connected to the world and find mentally stimulating activities to enjoy. What scientists have now discovered is that the combination of the two could provide for more than the sum of its parts, significantly decreasing the potential for age-related memory loss.

Computer Use and Exercise Stimulates Our Minds

Activities that stimulate the mind are computer use and moderate exercise. It decreases the chances of memory loss with growing age. Other studies had shown that physical activity combined with the mental exercise help in preventing the loss of memory and the novelty is that it is a synergy between computer activities and moderate physical activity in protecting the brain function in people over 70 years.

Computer Use and Exercise Protects Memory of Children

Children of this modern age are very sharp and active. They take part in different activities and are also well in their studies. No child doesn’t know how to use computer and is unaware of its purpose. Children are taught the computer use at school and have hands on it. Nowadays in different nurseries and schools children are just not taught computer but also have different exercise sessions to improve their memory. The combine of effect of both the computer use and exercise improves their memory and improving their memory means improving their performance.

Computer Memory Exercises

To help protect your memory there are many memory exercises that are offered by computer use. Taking the memory tests on the computer we can boosts our brain which will help protect our memory.

Human memory has become sharp by regular exercise and with the Computer use that may be concluded as computer use and exercise protects memory.

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