Everything You Need to Know About Wearing Color

The colors you choose to wear send a message about the type of you personality you have. Your skin tone should be considered before wearing any color. Your complexion, hair physique matters a lot. Ultimately the fact is that everything you need to know is what color to wear and to look in that as well. Whether you’re a fashionista or a style novice, it’s important to wear colors that work with your skin tone and hair color.

Figuring out the colors that best compliment your colors and features is not an exact science. While there are plenty of guidelines and supposed "rules" about what colors work best with your skin tone, there are no hard and fast rules to which you must adhere.

You can’t figure out what colors work best for you without first determining your skin tone. Examine your skin closely without wearing any makeup at all. Not one speck. This article highlights 11 main colors and how they complement ones personality.

1. Dark Colors – Authority:

Wear dark colors to convey authority and power. Some dark colors include black and navy blue is a confident, upfront, autocratic and a decision maker goes for the darker shades; these will compliment your personality the best.

2. Pastel Colors – Relaxing:

Wear pastel colors to seem relaxed and friendly. Some pastel colors include light green and light purple. For chill and cheerful people opting pastel colors is the best option.

3. Multi Colors – Creativity:

Multi hues or Mix colors convey creativity. Make sure to combine colors that match and complement each other well, such as purple and red.

4. Red – Power:

If you are an experimenter, innovator and initiator then go for the reds; this shows vigor and power that will match your personality traits. Reds tend to vary on the message they send across. Burgundy conveys sophistication, while blue-red conveys assertiveness. An orange-red would be worn by someone who is energetic.

Reds or blacks that are the same color as your skin when it’s flushed look very romantic. But beware of too much, or too tight red. It could get you in trouble. A tight red dress says, to put it mildly, "flirt alert." It can also give the impression that you’re flashy, and not a team player.

5. Pink – Approachable:

Wear pinks to convey an open heart. People who wear pink, regardless of gender, appear approachable and capable of loving others. Bubble Pink or fuchsia from head to toe is simply head to toe is simply irritating.

Its better to go for more subtle shades of pink for a feminine touch, this color is approachable so wear it with great care. For Men who wear pale pink or salmon accents tell the world they’re confident and independent enough to sport what has previously been considered a feminine color.

6. White – Freshness:

Wear whites to symbolize a new beginning, further symbolize cleaning and offer a fresh, bright new outlook. Whites, browns, or beiges that match closely (but not exactly) to your skin tone look fantastic!

7. Yellow – Optimism:

If you are a positive and realistic person go for Yellow. Yellow display warmth and optimism and carries the same healing qualities that are associated with the sun. Yellow tells people you’re casual, playful, cheerful, approachable and not afraid to take risks.

8. Orange – Bold:

For those who are bold, extrovert and risk takers must wear orange to display high energy. Orange is a bold color that can make you feel quite playful. It’s also a color that has a great deal of sexual energy to it.

9. Green – Strength:

Brighter greens tell people you’re sporty, more casual and often cheerful. Darker greens connote power, class, strength and conservatism.

10. Purple – Elegance:

For “touch me not people” Dark purple says it all, a color of elegance, authority, class and a regal demeanor. Men can get away with a deep burgundy jacket to give a refined yet highly stylish impression. Women can appear strong, powerful and confident in a deep purple jacket, suit or blouse.

11. Navy Blue – Success:

What is the one color that absolutely breathes success?. Navy blue is the best color for a suit to wear to a job interview, because it inspires confidence. Blue, is both friendly and powerful. It connotes loyalty.

Wear the color that clearly depicts your personality. This means that you need to start at the beginning and determine what colors work for you?

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