Enter the Future with Bluetooth Gloves

Whoever thought of Bluetooth gloves is a genius because it is body handy and trendy. A few years ago, it may have sounded comical to communicate by making a phone-sign with your hands but not anymore. Won’t you agree that we live in times where new inventions impress us and not startle us, right? Bluetooth gloves are one such gadget – sheer brain!

Admittedly the name – Bluetooth gloves – is not very creative but it casts no ambiguity about the gadget. Bluetooth gloves do what their name states – Bluetooth service. How you can use the device is another simple phenomenon. All you have to do is a buy a pair from any online or hardware store and synchronize it wirelessly with your phone. The gloves have a smart sensor, a microphone and a speaker attached to the thumb and small finger of both hands.  The control pad is located at the top of the glove and once your mobile phone has recognized the Bluetooth device around, you press the connect button and there you go. Next time you receive a phone call, you won’t have to remove the glove, press the answer key with your finger to let the phone detect the sensory touch.  All you have to is make a phone sign with your hands and you would actually listen and speak. You can also use your tablet, iPad or phone by directly clicking on it with your covered fingers. Smart, isn’t it? In fact sheer genius like I said before.

Bluetooth Gloves save you from chilly winter and allow you to communicate over phone without having to expose your fingers.

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