Eat Fat to Lose Weight

A few years ago, no one would have believed that fat is good for our body. The impression that fat causes fatness is so strong that wittingly or unwittingly we tend to avoid the food(s) made in fat altogether. While it is true that excess of fat causes narrowing of your blood vessels but there is a difference between good fat and bad fat. You need to eat good fat to boost your body’s energy and help it lose weight fast.

To put it straight, your body needs fats, without it it will run out of its energy reserves. Now that’s not what you want, do you? If you are thinking of shedding your weight and switching to a healthy lifestyle, you need to start from making healthy decisions. That said, your diet is the first thing that needs attention. While no one denies that an excess of fat is bad, if your body falls short of healthy fats, you will develop vitamin and mineral deficiency because fat helps your body absorb the vitamins and nutrients. So the first point to keep in mind is that not consuming fat is a no-no.

Modern health tips and journals advocate the use of good fat in your diet to keep your body in shape. True that obesity levels are soaring and the onus can be put on high-fat diet but avoiding fat altogether in your diet is not the solution. Fatty oils boost your metabolism by producing energy. Your body stores energy in the form of fat.

Good fat is omega-3-fatty acids found richly in fish oil, sea foods, coconut oil, and flaxseed oil. Their benefit for health has been established. While keeping other things in check such as exercise, brisk walk, a healthy lifestyle, you need to consume the right amount and type of fat to lose weight. How? Let me tell you.

Good fats i.e. omega-3 and omega-6 are unsaturated fats that are found in plant and fish oils. Unsaturated fats are necessary for your body’s growth, immunity and cell structure maintenance. Your body does not make these fats so it is very important that you take them.

If you are consuming these fats, you are actually protecting your body from heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, and obesity. You are recommended to eat food that contains good fat such as avocados, walnuts (and dry fruits), olive oil, and rapeseed oil etc. If you are not a big fan of fish then you must brace yourself and eat it with a pinch of salt because fish is good for your health, weight, hair, and skin.

At least twice a month eat fish such as tuna, salmon, herring and sardines. These fish contain a lot of good fat that brings your hormonal level back to normal and helps you lose weight. Similarly, vegetables and fruit such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower, almonds, corn, soya and other plant oils contain good fats.

It’s time to make healthy lifestyle choices and get rid of the widespread misconceptions about what’s good and what’s not good for your body. Eat healthy and live healthy.

New research shows that fat helps you lose weight but the trick lies in its correct use to give your body energy and help it absorb nutrients and lose wastes.

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