Clean Eating: Not another Diet

Clean eating! Do you know the actual meaning of clean eating? Are you eating clean? There is no direct and clear definition of clean eating. Basically clean eating is not any diet plan it’s a lifestyle choice.

Clean eating is a new food movement that is all about change in life style. Don’t confuse clean eating with traditional food items. The closer your foods are to the minimally processed side, the closer you are eating clean. Clean eating is more of a lifestyle than diet and this flexibility in choice of diet leaves a lot of positive accountability up to each individual. Actually clean eating is healthy, sensible and conscientious approach to eating.

This clean eating movement not only involves freshly and healthy cooked food but also personal training for fitness and good nutrition. The clean eating and diet is not about gaining and losing weight but it is about staying healthy. The idea of clean eating is to promote health and encourage individuals to become aware of what they are actually eating.

 Now have a look at what food is included in clean eating. Think home cooked meals with the freshest ingredients possible. Try to eliminate all processed foods and extra additives from your diet. The basics of clean eating are eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.

These are straight from nature. Add whole fruit and vegetables juices and smoothies to your breakfast routine. Besides eating fresh fruits and juices do experiment with creative salads and soup for lunch. This is the best way to eat cleaner on daily basis. This eating habit will help you in staying healthy and keep you away from anything that has been altered in any way.

The second thing that you can add in your diet is grains. Enjoy whole grains. The grains cannot be broken or altered in any other form. The grains include whole wheat, brown rice and other whole grains. Clean eating is all about eating whole food while avoiding processed and fast food at any cost. The benefits of clean eating are plentiful.

Include meat in your diet but only whole meat. The key to being successful clean eater is eliminating as much processed food as possible. Another way to eat clean and healthy is to read each food label including ingredients carefully to see how many nutrients this food will give you on per serving. You should be aware of what is going in your body.

To become clean eater I must suggest you a guideline regarding your diet. Follow this guide and be a successful clean eater.

1. To be a clean eater, you must avoid refined food items like candies, sugar, baked goods, white flour and white rice etc.

2. Stay away from high calorie, non nutritious food like junk food.

3. Avoid saturated and Trans fat food.

4. Stay away from sodas, high calorie juices and other drinks that do not give your body any valuable nutrition and full of unnecessary calories.

5. Include whole food items in daily meal.

6. Include lean protein, complex carbohydrates and heart healthy fats in each meal choice.

7. Drink at least eight glass of water in a day.

The idea of clean eating is to promote health by encouraging people to become aware of what they are eating. Check out how you can be a successful clean eater.

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