Which is Best? Black Suit or Tuxedo For Wedding

The wedding attire is special for both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be for their big day. Brides do research, collect necessary information, and book special appointments to decide on their wedding gowns. Men do not have enough time for this and get confused while choosing their wedding dress. All they have in their mind is the color—BLACK!

Men do not understand the fundamental difference between a suit and a tuxedo, they just go through all men’s black suits for the wedding and end up something outdated. They think James Bond’s dinner jacket and bowtie is a tux, but contemporary designs are way more than that suiting. A question always triggered in their mind is whether they should select a black suit or tuxedo for a wedding. This article will help you to decide black suit or tuxedo for a wedding.


A tuxedo is a formal, traditional, and timeless attire that is never outdated. The tuxedo has satin lapels, satin-covered buttons, and satin stripes down on the trousers along with no belt loops. Bowtie and long tie both can be worn with a tux according to the requirements of your evening event. Men choose black tuxedos for the wedding because of their characteristics.


A suit is a trendy, casual, and versatile dress made of one fabric with no satin details. It has a collared shirt, belt, patterned long tie, and matching socks in two-piece and three-piece styling. The suits are ideal for daytime wedding parties and civil ceremonies because they give you a more casual and sharper look at events.

The difference in features between a tux and a suit

Sr#A TuxedoA Suit
EventsIdeal for black-tie, opera, charity galas, formal evening occasionsIdeal to get semi-formal look 24 hours at a wedding, business meetings, dates, all semi-formal events
SatinSatin lapels with satin covered buttonsBone, plastic, or fabric-covered buttons
Shirt StyleWhite shirt with winged collar or turndown collarDress shirt in different solid colors and patterns
AccessoriesWaistcoat, cummerbund, suspenders, boutonniere, pocket square, cufflinks and studs, a timepieceNecktie, pocket squares, cufflinks, watches, tie clip
ShoesBlack patentLoafers or slip-on

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