Best Beard Styles for Teenagers

Teenagers are fascinated by having beards. It is the dream of every teen ager boy to get the best look out of a beard. They find beards to be one of the most presentable forms of appearance. For a fact that they are growing up and want to show the ‘Man’ inside them hence here is to the various looks they can have in beards. Let’s have a look around and see what styles we have to offer them as suggestions.

1. Medium hair and beard. Oh yes, nothing looks better than this look. It is one of the promising and sincere manly looks that the teenagers urge to have. This look may have the essence of a medium length hair cut, more suited on the silky yet wavy hair. This combination works like magic on the appearance.

2. Long hair and beard. Well, this look here works well with all the hair types. Be it straight, wavy or curly. The trick is to chop the hair in manly layers and let the beard grow. This is a pleasant beard look for the teenagers, those who aim to become the man they are.

3. The subtle stubble look! Well, this is the kind of look that rocks on every teenager. It describes their transition through childhood to manhood. This includes a decent boy’s haircut, the classic cuts along with letting traces of prickelish beard. Thus it doesn’t portray as a complete man yet gives them the appearance they want to lead with!

4. Oh well another go go taker look is the squarish look. This comes with a square type beard cut and similar essence in the haircut. This look is another try on for the teenagers beard looks. This might be new, but this is fun. Yet it makes the person stand out. Risk and exposure to fashion are a big combination. Why not try them?

5. For a teenage beard look, it is a suggestion for the boys to keep their beards to the jawline, keep a light moustache and let their hair grow long. Well, yes there boys we are calling out for that Korean look. It surely runs good on those Asian features of yours. Well, that’s a good fair style to hang on to.

6. Elite Guy’s Style is another look to make you stand out. The purpose here is to let your beard grow near to your jawline, but it should be thick enough. You should shave it as it approaches your cheeks. While keeping your hair in long flip from the front. Now that’s the elite boy’s style you are craving for in the teenage boys beard looks.

7. Get that relaxed and rejunivated look by gelling/ slicking your hair in a back brushed look while growing a thick mane beard at the frontal look. Yes, that’s another manly look for the teenager boys to target!

8. The biker boy’s look. Oh well, who doesn’t die for that look. With the best brushed waves of the haircut and the rugged yet thin moustache look on the face. That’s the kind of beard look teenager boys crave at having.

9. Highly stylized circular moustache with a circular beard on the chin combo is the best which works best with the little trace of a beard on the jawline. This is another look for teenager’s beards to go for.

10. Taylor Lautner Beard with Spiky Hair. Well. This beard here is surely a way to attract the manhood around the teenager.

So, there you go fellows enjoy these variant look of beards for teenagers and grab on the style. Happy Bearding!

Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

A teenage boy’s guide to the various options for beards. Let the teenage boy’s dream come alive.

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