Beautiful In Blue

Men’s style tips range from a variety of clothes, shoes, hats, socks, ties, jackets and other accessories but one of the most important thing to keep in mind is men’s color trend. Men’s fashion is as versatile as a women’s fashion magazine. The latest men’s trend has given great emphasis on color. One of the most common and acceptable color of all seasons is blue. No doubt blue is the color for boys, as their rooms and clothes are splattered with blue once they are born and even throughout life, this color becomes an integral part of the male wardrobe.

The intensity and color of this shade sets the men’s color trend for the season. From medium blue to dark blue, navy blue, sky blue, light blue, baby blue, Egyptian blue, ultra marine and from air force blue to tiffany’s blue, the palette of this shade is extensive and truly versatile when it comes to men’s fashion.

Navy blue goes way back in men’s suiting. The men’s style tips with a navy blue suit would mean a light color shirt and tie. The best option would be to wear a white shirt with a tie color lighter than the color of the suit. This maximizes the suit color and adds a balance and stabilizes the overall appearance. As for socks and pocket squares, again go for a lighter shade of blue, preferably the same as your tie color.

Gingham, checkered and striped fabric is another dominating style when it comes to men’s fashion. These shirts, with a plain tie of any shade in blue, go well with all suiting. Blue is a neutral color and can be worn and carried by everyone. Men’s trend shows that a majority of men wear blue to work since it exhibits a professional appeal. The color also compliments many other shades and one does not have to work hard to determine a mix and match.

It isn’t always necessary to wear a blue shirt or a blue suit and tie. Accessories which are mostly overlooked also form a major part of men’s fashion. One of the men’s style tips embraces you to wear a blue scarf or a blue sweater which gives a very subtle appeal to your personality. V shaped cardigans and vests are a must to have this season.

Men like to wear hassle free clothing which is easy to select and at the same time trendy and in fashion. Be it wearing a pair of blue jeans or simply wearing a blue hat, the fashion should be fabulous and not a boring old trend.

A few other men’s style tips include:

  • Do not wear more than three colors at one time. If you are wearing different shades don’t be over innovative looking like a punk. Keep it simple and keep it trendy.
  • Buy some good pair of shoes. Having less but good does not mean that you are a sucker for branded items. You can buy inexpensive non-branded items that are both comfortable and stylish.
  • Having an honest friend with a good feedback helps you while shopping. This enables you to buy stuff that actually looks good on you and not what the sales man thinks.
  • Whatever you plan to wear, make sure it fits you well. Men at times buy expensive dressing but it is either loose or too over sized for them. In order to look trendy, the suit should be tailored to your body size.

Blue, next to black, is the color for men that can never go out of fashion. Whether you are exploring the summer, fall or winter collection, men's color trend graph shows blue on top of the charts.

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