Be Manly But Be Groomed

Men grooming is more important than women’s grooming. Men are rough and tough and they have to work more so it is important for them to take out time for their own grooming. Getting a manicure doesn’t sound very masculine, but polished and gentle men throughout every era have paid attention to their hands and outlook, because women notice your hands and feet. Men should be conscious about their looks. When we talk about masculine hands and a manicure for a man, we would want nice neat hands but we wouldn’t want long nails or gnarly looking nails.
Make sure the men go to the male grooming saloons or barbershop rather than the woman’s saloon, unless they plan to get some manhood back again by doing some rough and tough job afterwards. Like women men can also groom themselves at home all they have to do is to follow some simple grooming tips.
The first and most important step is to use a metal filer to get the grit out to get neat and clean nails. It is important to cut the nails in proper shape, the most important of all the other things is that the nails are cut in a proper shape, the men have to remember that the way they cut their nails , the nails will grow in the same way.
If the men cut their nails properly then they can save the hassle of filing them and if they don’t then they will have to file them. And while they file the nails they will have to do so in one direction not back and forth. Now the men need to know that the white stuff at the bottom of their nails are the cuticle and they don’t need to cut them all they have to do is that they push them back a little.
Men simply don’t have to do a lot for their grooming; they just have to be a little more careful about how they take care of themselves.

Like women men should be careful about their look and hands but unlike women the men have to keep up with their manhood and just have to keep their hands neat and clean. Men's grooming is really important otherwise they will look untidy.

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