Be a Better Man

The author sheds light on some of the essentials for men to make sure that they walk and talk to the best of their selves.

Be it rugged and fierce or trim and trendy, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. In doing so, men need to ensue appearance checks to make sure that they’re looking absolutely tip top. Is your hair waxed or are you using serum? Is that an aftershave balm or is that moisturizer? That’s a nice jacket, where’d you get it from? Some every day questions that you may or may not want to be asked. How do you make sure that you’re the best looking of the lot? Here are a few tips on how to have all eyes glued to you as not only a man of style, outstanding appearance dressed in impeccable clothing, but as one of those well groomed gentlemen.

Every time you step out of the shower, make sure you spend more than just a moment in front of the mirror paying attention to your scalp or whatever grows on it. If you fancy some hair, then make sure you style it up with just a tad bit of hair wax. Avoid much in the summers as it may drench down with your sweat. If you have a bald scalp, that does save you time and money on the conditioner but you’re still recommended with moisturizing the scalp preferably with oil. We all do realize that our head is the epitome of our appearance.

Men must suit up according to the genre of the social event. But be it at the bar or your every evening jog, it is highly recommended that you adorn proper clothes. Neatly tied laces, a clean pair of shoes and trousers that don’t slip down your heels are some of the painless suggestions. The pinnacle to a well groomed gentleman is his outward appearance that is complemented by the clothing that one chooses to wear.

It is essential that a well groomed gentlemen is well styled. It must be maintained that an original is the one that shines the brightest. So in context of talking, walking, manners and style men must work in accord with the latest trend in styling and fashion as well as keep a slight tab on the news just to make sure they’ve got something to talk about when they get the ladies attention. Men’s grooming is the limelight of the male fashion and model industry. Not only do well groomed gentlemen have their way with the ladies, but a man with style and outstanding appearance, might just land himself a job as well.

The author sheds light on some of the essentials for men to make sure that they walk and talk to the best of their selves.

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