Aspivenin – Making The Bad Bugs Cry

Bugs suck – both figuratively and in the reality. These little buggers make your evening hell as you plan on sitting outside to have a nice BBQ or just a good time with your family. It appears as though that these little vampires simultaneously plan on a nice long mouthful of your blood as you plan your evening out. The persistent itching that follows is another nuisance. So what is the solution? Let bugs have a feast on your blood or suck their venom out to ensure damage-control? I think the latter is better.

Aspivenin is your solution if you want to go bug-free. This handy device consists of a double chamber pump with 4 attachments to take care of different sized bites. What this device does is simple. It sucks out the venom of the bug and animal making sure you do not get infected with the poison and irritated by the persistent itching.

How to use

  • Put the device on the site of bug bit and pull the plunger out.
  • Push the plunger down completely and wait for 1 – 3 minutes so that it extracts all the venom.
  • Release the pump and wash the wound area with any antiseptic.
  • Use it as soon as you get the bug bite but it is effective even if used a couple of hours later.

Aspivenin gives you quick healing by making sure that all the infected blood is sucked out as soon as possible. It stops the itching and skin redness. It protects you against the venom of spiders, mosquitoes, snakes, sand flies, jellyfish and nettle. It is a child-friendly and user-friendly device and is perfect for any place. It is easy to carry along with not occupying much space. You can easily carry it with you to hiking, camping, beach etc. without having to worry about bug bites. Aspivenin is available for $23.95 AUD ($25 USD).

Afraid of being bitten by bugs and poisonous animals i.e. jellyfish or snake etc.? Worry no more because with Aspivenin you can now take out their venom yourself within minutes.

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