Are your Man Hands Grossing Her Out?

You may have got strong manly hands that can handle tools and gadgets and do all the masculine things like lifting heavy weight, budging furniture etc. but as long as your hands are not clean, you might be grossing-out that someone special of yours.

  • They say every finger nail tells a story so you must not let the dirt or food particles gather under your nails. It’s a big turn off for the ladies who are particularly hygienic and spend extra money to get monthly manicure and pedicure. Being a man saves you from that hard work though, all you have to do is wash your hands regularly and remove any dirt trapped therein.

  • Keep your nails short and clean. If you have that excess charcoal or paint clogged on your hands, soak your hands in soapy water for a few minutes and peel it off. Scrub your hands with a loofah or pumice to get rid of stubborn spots.

  • Jagged nails are another massive blunder that you do not want to commit. It grosses women out. Keep your nails well trimmed and smooth. Do it every week.

  • Dry skin and calluses make your hands look anything but manly. They are downright disgusting. To start off, you must cut the calluses and moisturize your skin. Scrub your hands with a home-made scrub solution. Mix 1 cup of olive oil in ½ cup of sugar and rub the mixture on your hand to remove the dead cells and flakes. Rinse your hands with soap afterwards.

Nothing kills a woman’s mood faster than a man’s dirty hands. If you know you have rough hands you need to take an action before she points or grosses out. Fix them with simple solutions.

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