All time fashion sunglasses, Aviators

Fashion designers and style icons have embraced eyewear as an accessory .Fashion trends often repeat themselves, and eyeglasses trends are no exception. Eyewear designers constantly look back over eras in history to find past trends that they can recreate into something new and exciting.

Today we are talking about Aviators, Mirrored Aviator sunglasses arrived in the 1930s when they were used by Pilots. They became part of the fashion world when they were seen being used by top movie stars.

Classic aviator sunglasses have a dark metal frame and silver reflective lenses. There are many more modern versions and also feature modern brands like rayban and Gucci.

There are also replica versions available for those with a lower budget.Aviator sunglasses are truly timeless. They are modern and will always be in style in one age group or another. While stars like Tom Cruise and others use them in movies, making them popular, they will always be around as they go easily with any form of dress.If you’re looking for a style of glasses that will remain stylish for a while to come, aviators are a solid choice.

Just like any other set of sunglasses they just need to suite your face.

How to wear: Aviator Glasses look great with military jackets, short leather biker jackets and fitted blue jeans, but are also extremely versatile and work with a wide range of outfits.

Fashion designers and style icons have embraced eyewear as an accessory.

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